Namechk.com was designed by David Gosse and Andy Edinborough to instantly show you if your desired or branded username was available at the majority of the top social networking websites. By typing your username into the “chk” search box, it will query all the social sites listed on the page and display whether the username is taken or available.

David Gosse is the CEO of Vortaloptics, a vertical search and local search engine development company. He created namechk.com because he recognized the shift towards social media and the need for a consistent username on the top sites.

Andy Edinborough is the lead architect for Vortaloptics, and a c0dr for social media. Andy maintains namechk.com and will continue to add additional features to the site.

Mike Manzano is a fan of mobile computing and iOS code wrangler in the Vegas Valley and has been coding professionally since 1996. In another life he was a CTO for a tech company in the Seattle area.

The concept for the site was inspired by Jon Sykes who had originally designed a similar site but eventually stopped maintaining it and then sold his domain. We thought it was ingenious and something we couldn’t live without so we replicated it and intend to build on the concept.

If you have feedback or input for the developers of namechk.com please follow us over at Twitter and send us a tweet. We look forward to user input and will continue to add more sites that we chk and additional features over time.

Comments and questions can be sent to support@namechk.com