Last Updated on November 29, 2022

NameSilo Review (2024)

  • Competitive pricing
  • Frequent sales on certain TLDs
  • Bulk discounts and an exclusive Discount Program

NameSilo is a domain name registrar, meaning that they help customers register domains. They are ICANN-accredited and are one of the largest domain registrars globally. NameSilo is known for low prices, a simple registration experience, and secure domain management features. In addition to domain name registrations, NameSilo also offers hosting, professional email, SSL certificates, a free logo maker, and more.


  • Over 400 domain extensions available 
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Domain privacy included with all domains
  • Shared hosting starting at just $2.99 per month
  • Bulk discounts and promotions
  • Aftermarket marketplace for premium domains and expired domains 
  • Reseller program 
  • Enterprise-level security and anti-spam filters
  • Transparent pricing
  • Free email forwarding, Whois privacy, custom Whois records, and DNS management
  • 24/7 support, 365 days a year



  • Renewal rates are often higher than initial registration pricing 
  • Website builder is fairly basic 
  • Hosting options are limited (shared only; no VPS plans)

NameSilo is best for budget-minded webmasters looking to get several services from the same company while saving some money in the process. NameSilo is known for budget-friendly pricing, with domains starting at just $0.99/year and hosting from $2.99/month. 

NameSilo is also a good choice for agencies, freelancers, and resellers, thanks to their various entrepreneurial tools and discounts. They offer a reseller program, which is perfect for contractors and agencies managing domains for clients. They also offer bulk discounts and a membership-based discount program for frequent purchasers.

NameSilo offers all the standard features that you would expect from a domain registrar and web host. They also offer some more unique features that help set them apart, including:

Aftermarket domains

NameSilo offers an extensive marketplace for aftermarket domains/premium domains. These are domains that are already registered and put up for sale by their owners. This can greatly expand the number of domains that are available to you.

Free features

NameSilo offers many features for free that many other registrars charge for. For instance, domains come with free Whois privacy protection by default. Hosting plans include free email (Titan Business Email – free version), access to a free website builder, and more. 

Bulk discounts and reseller program

NameSilo offers tools for entrepreneurs and experienced webmasters to save money (and make money!) Bulk purchases of domains will be eligible for a discount, saving you money in the long run. Agencies and freelancers can add a revenue stream by joining NameSilo’s reseller program, which allows you to mark up domains when selling them to clients. 

400+ domain extensions

NameSilo offers an impressive selection of domain extensions/endings, with over 400 at the time of this writing.

NameSilo offers shared hosting only. There are a few different packages available, but they are all shared. NameSilo does not offer VPS hosting at this time.

Shared Hosting – $2.99-$8.99/month, depending on the plan

Shared hosting is a budget-friendly way to host your website. “Shared” means that any NameSilo customers will be put on the same server, and you will share bandwidth and server resources like storage with these people. With that said, you are assigned a certain amount of storage space that you can use regardless, so the “shared” aspect is mostly relevant when it comes to bandwidth/traffic. 

The benefits of shared hosting are:

  • It’s easy to set up and maintain (no experience required)
  • It’s affordable 
  • It’s compatible with WordPress (and it’s simple to install)
  • NameSilo shared hosting includes basic email functionality
  • It’s scalable (upgrade to a bigger plan as your site grows)

The downsides of shared hosting are:

  • Loading times can slow during times of high bandwidth usage 
  • Websites you share the server with can potentially cause issues on the server
  • Not suitable for very large websites or websites with a lot of traffic

For most people, shared hosting is more than sufficient, and it’s set up to be very user-friendly. However, larger websites that have lots of traffic may wish to opt for a more robust plan, such as a virtual private server (VPS). At this time, NameSilo does not offer VPS plans. 

NameSilo guarantees 99.9% uptime for all their hosting plans. They perform routine server maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. However, because they only offer shared hosting, load times may slow during peak use hours, or when a website you share your server with is experiencing particularly high traffic volume.

NameSilo takes security seriously – including the security of their servers, as well as customer accounts. They use encryption to keep data secure, and perform regular server maintenance to prevent breaches. Nameservers and DNS records are protected by the latest security technology. Overall, NameSilo uses enterprise-level security and advanced anti-spam features.

Plus, all domains registered with NameSilo come with free domain privacy, which protects your contact information from spammers. 

NameSilo also sells SSL certificates at reasonable rates, starting at $9.59/year. They have Positive SSL certificates (suitable for basic websites), Essential SSL certificates (suitable for most websites) and Extended Validation SSL certificates (suitable for eCommerce sites, medical sites, etc.)

NameSilo offers a variety of services and products, most of which are priced very competitively. Here is an overview of pricing for some key offerings.

Domain Name Pricing

NameSilo domain names are registered on a yearly basis (12-month terms) and must be renewed each year (or you can prepay for several years). The price depends on the domain extension (.com, .org, etc.)

  • .com domain registration – $8.99/year
  • .net domain registration – $11.79/year
  • .org domain registration – $10.79/year
  • .biz domain registration – $14.49/year
  • .info domain registration – $15.79/year
  • .store domain registration – $43.99/year

There are many other domain extensions available, each of which has a different price. You can see full pricing details during the domain search process. NameSilo also runs promotions and sales frequently that may discount certain domain extensions. 

Every domain comes with FREE Whois privacy, free domain parking, free email forwarding, and free domain defender security. If you’re looking for a cheap domain that also includes valuable bonuses like domain privacy, NameSilo is a great option for small businesses and individuals alike.  

Renewal pricing is typically the same as initial registration pricing. So if you register a .com domain for $8.99, you’ll continue to pay $8.99 each year. The exception to this is if you purchase a domain that is on sale; in this case, you’ll pay the sale price for the first prepaid term, and then the standard renewal rate each year after that. 

NameSilo also offers bulk discounts. There are two ways to get bulk discounts: On normal accounts, you simply get bulk pricing once you have registered 50+ domains (and further discounts at 100+). Alternatively, you can join the paid Discount Program and start getting discounts right away. 

Hosting Pricing

NameSilo offers shared web hosting plans at affordable prices. There are currently three different plans available, all of which are shared hosting:

Starter – $2.99/month or $2.39/month if billed annually

  • 20gb storage
  • 1 website
  • cPanel included
  • Simple WordPress installation
  • Website builder included
  • Basic email included

Premium – $4.99/month or $3.99/month if billed annually

  • 20gb storage
  • Up to 3 websites
  • Easy WordPress installation
  • cPanel, website builder, and email included

Turbo – $8.99/month or $7.99/month if billed annually

  • 60gb storage
  • Up to 10 websites
  • Easy WordPress installation
  • cPanel, website builder and email included

All three hosting plans include similar features (all have free basic email, free cPanel, and a free basic website builder). The main differences are in the storage capacity and the number of websites that you are allowed to host.

Overall, the hosting costs from NameSilo are competitive – particularly if you opt for the annual billing to save an additional 11-25% off the monthly rates. The Premium plan in particular is a great value, as it allows for multiple websites (up to 3) for just $4.99 a month (or $3.99 a month if you prepay for a year). 

Other Services Pricing

In addition to domains and hosting, offers a number of other services:

  • SSL certificates – from $9.59 per year
  • Google G Suite/Workspace email – from $72 per year
  • Titan Business Email – from free to $2.99/month depending on service tier 
  • Reseller program – free to join
  • Logo maker – free

Overall, pricing at NameSilo is very affordable. The company is known for low prices, but they also don’t skimp on quality. Not only are the sticker prices low, but they include a lot of features that other hosts charge for – such as email, domain privacy and website builders. All of these are included for free with NameSilo.

NameSilo offers customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Support representatives are available via online chat or email/support ticket. Chat support is usually the quickest method, as response times are typically under 5 minutes. 

It’s relatively easy to contact support, although you will first have to navigate through a brief questionnaire to determine what problem you’re experiencing. NameSilo will suggest various articles and FAQs for you to read in an attempt to address your issue; if you still need help, you can send in a support ticket or contact chat support for live help. If you click the green chat button at the bottom right corner of your screen on any page on the NameSilo website, you can skip the questionnaire and go straight to live chat with support reps. 

NameSilo LLC has great support. In general, they are rated quite well on sites like TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), especially compared to other budget domain registrars.

Can I build a website with NameSilo?

Yes. NameSilo includes a basic website builder tool with all their hosting plans. The tool is included for free, and you can use it to design and build a website with no previous coding or web development experience needed. There are also templates to use to make things easier.

How does email work with NameSilo?

NameSilo has a few different options for professional email. All hosting plans come with a free basic email service that will allow you to create custom email addresses using your domain (you@yourdomain, for example). This free service can be accessed via cPanel, or set up to route to a third-party email client like Outlook. Alternatively, NameSilo also sells subscriptions to Titan and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), two paid email services with more robust features.

Does NameSilo sell SSL certificates?

Yes. NameSilo sells Positive SSL, Essential SSL, and Extended Validation SSL certificates, with prices ranging from $9.59 to $99.99 per year. The tier you choose should depend on the type of website you are running – the Positive or Essential SSLs should be sufficient for most websites.

Can I transfer a domain to NameSilo?

Yes, NameSilo supports domain transfers. When you transfer active domains from another registrar, NameSilo will charge you for the next 12-month registration cost (at the same price as a new domain of the same extension), and they will extend the domain for 12 months past its current expiration date.