Minecraft Username Generator

Enter a word and get a list of suggestions with just one click.

Minecraft has over 140 million active users across the web, iOS and Android, so coming up with a unique username could take some effort. A Minecraft name generator does the hard work for you by generating name suggestions in seconds to save you time and come up with the best Gamertag possible.

Saves time

A name generator saves time by providing hundreds of name suggestions in minutes. A Minecraft username generator suggests names from keywords you are interested in. When you compare the time it will take to come up with a name on your own compared to a name generator; it’s a no-brainer.

Stand out from the competition

If you eventually hope to monetize your Minecraft account coming up with an easy to remember and thoughtful name on the front end will make your life easier in the future. Most people rush through the username sign-up process, and when a platform ages, you may get stuck with a username with several numbers or jumbled letters that will be difficult to remember.


The typical process of coming up with a creative username is trying name after name into the username field or writing names on a markerboard until you can think of a name that will work. A name generator is like having hundreds of friends give you all of their name suggestions at once, which provides you with much more brainpower to come up with the best possible name.

Utilize word combinations

Name generators can come up with creative word combinations based on multiple keywords you are interested in that can create creative usernames. Because Minecraft is a fun gaming platform, your name doesn’t have to be professional and can be fun or even a made-up word. Name combinations are a great idea if most of your top name ideas are already taken.

Avoid special characters that are hard to remember

Special characters can be hard to remember for people, and a name generator will help you avoid using them if you are running into situations where you need help coming up with a creative username that is not already taken.

Choose a memorable name

Minecraft has evolved into a monetization platform that allows successful gamers to generate income through sponsorships, selling digital products, and donations. In addition, putting in the work to come up with a memorable Minecraft name can help improve word-of-mouth marketing and enhance the likelihood that others will be able to find your Gamertag.

Mind the length

Shorter names are easier to remember and are less likely to be misspelled. One of the best Minecraft players globally is Dream, who has the perfect type of Minecraft name that is short and easy to spell. A quick look through a list of the most successful Minecraft players will help you see many of the top names are short.

Branding potential

If you end up being wildly successful on Minecraft, you will likely start to get other opportunities to come your way. Try to think of a Minecraft username with branding potential that you could fit in the event you want to sell products or services eventually. There are several popular side hustles like streaming on Twitch, YouTube, or even building things for other people. Put the time into choosing a Minecraft name like you would if you were starting a business.

Think long term

When you are trying to think of a good username, choose a name that you can grow with as time goes on and won’t be embarrassed down the line by it. Incorporating your real name into your Minecraft username is a good idea if you want to choose a username that you will likely never grow out of.

Domain availability

Once you gain a big Minecraft following, having your website is a great way to keep followers updated on when you will be playing and offer additional products or services. Once you have finalized your final list of usernames, check with sites like Godaddy to see if there is also a domain name available that you can register. 

Add a number

If your perfect Minecraft username is taken, one idea is to add a number in the username to help create a unique name. The number 2 is a great option as it can be incorporated into a username to make it easier to remember, like Gamer2Go. 

Misspell a word

With Minecraft being a gaming platform, the names often have a fun theme, and misspelling a word is a good way to find good Minecraft names. One of the best Minecraft players in the world is Captain Sparklez, who uses a Z to achieve the same pronunciation that they would if they used an S. Numbers and Misspelled words are easier to remember than using a special character to avoid using those if possible.


Check other streaming and gaming sites for ideas

The gaming and streaming industries have grown rapidly over the last several years, giving gamers additional places to get ideas on how to incorporate what’s working on one platform and incorporate ideas into their strategy. Browse top usernames across the different platforms like Fortnite or Twitch, and see if you can get any name ideas.


Check social media name availability

Checking social media name availability upfront is another good idea if you plan to cross-promote your Minecraft skills. If you have the same social media username and domain name as your Gamertag name, you will make it easier for people to find you across the internet.


Get feedback from friends and family

You may want to be careful about taking too many suggestions from outside voices, especially if you present friends and family with your final list of usernames. You might get consistent feedback on a top name choice, or you may notice common mispronunciations or misspellings, all of which help you make your final choice.

What is the difference between a Minecraft username and a Gamertag?

Gamertags are used for those with Microsoft Xbox accounts and are what others see when playing in-game. Your username is the account name that is used to sign in to Minecraft. You can change your Minecraft username under your account by clicking your profile name and selecting ‘Change,” and clicking save.

What are OG names on Minecraft?

OG names are original names that are likely not available anymore and are reserved by some of the first players to play Minecraft. Here is a good article that summarizes the history of the old OG Minecraft usernames.

How often can you change your Minecraft username?

You can change your Minecraft username once every thirty days through your Mojang account.