Last Updated on November 29, 2022

Carrd Review (2024)

  • Nice templates
  • Incredibly cheap
  • Functionality is ideal

Carrd is a website-building platform that allows you to create one-page websites that are responsive to any device, including personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. It is one of the fastest website builders for small businesses and even has a free plan for those just starting. 


  • It’s fast
  • Nice templates
  • Incredibly cheap
  • Functionality is ideal


  • No e-commerce option
  • It is only for single pages

It isn’t as well known as some of the major website building companies, but people who want a simple one-page website find Carrd fulfills their needs. It is easy to use and super cheap, so it’s the perfect solution for someone looking for a temporary website until they decide exactly what they want. 

It could also be the right choice for someone who isn’t familiar with website building and needs step-by-step instructions to get started. However, its features are highly limited so those who want an e-commerce site or a multi-page site should look somewhere else.

The pros and cons of Carrd’s website building tool are more distinguishable than other similar products because of its simplicity. Both advantages and disadvantages are listed below. 


  • It’s fast. Carrd is so simple to use that you can get a website up in minutes. The instructions are clear and this is where being a simple page builder is beneficial as it can be online quickly with just a few clicks.
  • It has nice templates. Carrd is so simple to use that you can get a website up in minutes. The instructions are clear and this is where being a simple page builder is beneficial as it can be online quickly with just a few clicks.
  • It’s incredibly cheap. Besides getting the website for free or taking advantage of the 7-day trial period, those who want to go ahead and pay for a plan can get one for less than $20 a year. That is by far the cheapest of any plan available.
  • Functionality is ideal. Carrd’s user interface is by far the best feature of this website building tool. It is simple, clear, and labeled well. Computer terminology doesn’t exist. Anyone can understand it and work on it. Editing the page, whether its text or content, is easy. Plus, you can learn all the basics from a masterfully simple instruction overlay. 


  • You can’t have e-commerce. The inability to have an ecommerce site is what prevents Carrd from being scalable. The possibility simply doesn’t exist. However, the designer of Carrd wasn’t looking for ecommerce website builders. He specifically wanted to build a tool that could be a one-page business card and that was it.
  • It is only for single pages. Some people want or need, multiple pages. Those people need a different product. Carrd is based on the portfolio concept where people build a single-page website.

The Carrd site has multiple features that its users enjoy. Templates are at the top of the list. 

Templates are awesome

This website builder tool has a variety of templates that come in an impressive range of styles. All are beautifully created and cover almost any type of single-page function. The creator of Carrd said he wanted to make templates customizable so each site can be unique, yet not confusing or overwhelming to those working with the tool. 

All templates are fully responsive without the user needing to do anything extra.

Animations are possible

This is where Carrd differentiates itself from other similar products. Carrd’s website tool allows the user to create animated content. This is a great way to get a viewer or reader’s attention, especially when it comes to creating a call to action.

There are lots of buttons

The website building tool from Carrd has a library of icons that can be added as buttons to your site. More than 100 buttons are available. Those include the typical necessary ones like Facebook but also include other less common ones like Bitcoin. You can also create a button to link to a PDF document. 

There is lots of storage

Carrd has more storage available under its cheapest paid plan so there is plenty of room to add videos and photos. It rivals some of its competitors like Squarespace and Wix.

There are three strong benefits of using Carrd to build your website. 

It is a straightforward website tool

You can do a lot with Carrd and do it easily. The builder uses drag-and-drop and a stacking system so it is easy to use and customize. You can add new elements, undo or redo actions, and switch to a mobile view so you will know exactly what your site looks like on smartphones. 

You can add video and audio even on the cheapest Carrd plan and it is all sharable. 

It will produce professional websites

A Carrd website doesn’t look cheap, even though it is highly affordable. The templates are gorgeous and customizable so your side won’t look like everyone else’s site. You can add buttons and other features, especially on the higher-paid plans.

It is inexpensive

You can’t find another website-building tool cheaper than Carrd. That makes it a great way to start if all you need is a single page.

It isn’t scalable

Carrd is limited to one page, even though you can do a lot with the single-page format. It isn’t capable of growing beyond that or adding things like multiple ways to pay or multilingual pages. 

It has no e-commerce options

While you can add a PayPal button to your site, there isn’t a way to put multiple products on the page or add a shopping cart. This is strictly for an online business card. 

Carrd offers the same type of security as other more well-known website builders. An SSL certificate is automatically enabled for any site built and published through Carrd. An SSL certificate is the one way to make sure information stays safe as it allows encryption. 

Browsers accept and will allow downloading of websites without a warning if they have an SSL certificate.

Beyond the free site option, there are three Carrd pay plans. The main differences are in the number of sites you get under each plan. Remember, all sites are one-page sites or just a homepage.


This plan is $9 a year and offers the following:


  • Three sites
  • Premium URL
  • High-quality images
  • Large images and videos
  • Pro Templates
  • Video Uploads and slideshows
  • Site icons
  • Sharing
  • Site transfers

Pro Standard

This package is $19 a year and has the following:


  • 10 sites

All the same features that are in the Pro Lite plan plus:

  • Forms
  • Widgets
  • Embeds
  • Google analytics
  • Meta tags

Pro Plus

This plan is $49 annually and includes the following:

  • 25 sites 

It has all the features of the Pro Standard plan plus:

  • Advanced sharing
  • Advanced Forms
  • Custom templates
  • Redirects
  • Password protection
  • Update frequency
  • Advanced settings
  • Download sites

Customer support is good on a couple of levels, although it isn’t as quick in answering requests as some other sites. Carrd has a large library containing easy-to-follow instructions on fixing most problems. It also has many how-to videos that help guide you through building your website. 

A customer support team is available to answer questions by email and most questions are answered within three hours. However, Carrd doesn’t have live chat or phone support.

Does Carrd have a good uptime?

Anyone who has a website knows the importance of a solid uptime. A slow download means you can lose traffic, which means you can also lose customers or sales. Uptime is not an issue with Carrd and there are no negative reviews from customers regarding a loss of uptime.

How much can I customize my site with Carrd?

The designer of Carrd wanted users to have more ability to customize than what they expect. There are some advanced features like lettering height, spacing, background color, and even gradient coloring available to make your Carrd website stand out.

Can I get my own domain?

Yes, a customized domain name comes with every plan.

Can you use it for blogs?

No, Carrd isn’t the best choice for those wanting to create a blog as it supports limited text. It is built to help those create a one-page portfolio-style website.

What is Carrd best used for?

Carrd is useful for several types of web pages. It makes a great landing page or a page with links to other pages. It is useful to create a form to gain feedback from customers. to create an event invitation, a special promotion, or a personal page to introduce yourself. 

This website-building tool is also good to use as an online store to give your business some exposure at an affordable rate.

Is Carrd a reliable site?

Yes, Carrd is a reliable site. It has a good uptime and customer service that responds in a reasonable time frame. It also comes with all the standard security features that people expect.

Is Carrd really that easy to use?

Carrd is one of the simplest website builder tools to use. It gives instructions and explanations in layman’s terms rather than in computer language. You don’t need to know any coding. 

The user interface offers an overlay with instructions with content boxes that are easy to move and edit.

Does Carrd have pictures available for my website?

Yes, Many high-quality photos are available through the website building tool that adds a professional touch to your website. Many types of photos are available so a variety of themes are offered to suit almost any purpose.

Can I use Carrd to build websites for other people?

Yes, as some of the Carrd payment plans allow for multiple sites. Carrd is a great way to enter into the website building business because it is so simple to use. However, any clients you sign up for website building must understand what they are getting. is a one-page site and can’t be expanded. If you are building a website for others, they need to know that if they need multiple pages or an e-commerce site as they grow then they will need you to build another site on a different, more scalable platform.

Can I upgrade on Carrd?

Yes, anyone with a plan on Carrd can upgrade to another plan if needed. That includes those on the free plan.

Is there really a free plan?

Yes, there are two free aspects of using Carrd. You can get a seven-day free trial to try it before you buy a plan. You can also build a website for free without any signup at all and will only need to sign up when you launch your site. This gives you all the time you need to work out your website where it is perfect and ready to launch without paying a dime or being forced to sign up.

Will Carrd ever offer an e-commerce option?

That is not in the current plans as the designer of Carrd wanted to limit his scope to portfolio-style websites. However, Carrd is always adding new features so users can update and improve their sites.