Last Updated on November 29, 2022

Leadpages Review (2024)

  • More than 40 standard integrations and available widgets
  • Unlimited leads and traffic
  • 120-plus templates

Leadpages offers an easy builder to construct landing pages that can be integrated with other apps, digital marketing, and tools to build your audience and increase your sales. It isn’t focused on post-clicking experiences but bills itself as a landing page and website builder. 

Those who would benefit from Leadpages are small businesses who want a website with some conversion tools. This product is focused more on landing page software for marketing rather than an online store, which tends to be the focus of other web page builders.

One feature that separates Leadpages from other similar tools is it gathers leads so you can convert more into sales.

Leadpages uses a drag and drop builder to make building the landing page simple and easy. There are some customizations available to make the page represent the uniqueness of your company.


  • More than 40 standard integrations and available widgets
  • Unlimited leads and traffic
  • 120-plus templates
  • Users can optimize sites for mobile


  • No scalable capabilities
  • Some templates aren’t free
  • Limited personalization

Leadpages, based in Minnesota, offers both website and landing page building, although it’s the landing pages that have received the most attention. The focus for both types of products is to have high-converting templates with code-free customizations. The pre-built templates are easily integrated and switched out with Leadpages websites.

200 professional looking templates

There are plenty of templates to consider in various categories. The landing page building tool categorizes and filters them for you so you can consider the industry and the conversion rates so you can pick the most effective one for your campaign. 

High-conversion features

Leadpages are great for high conversions. Its templates are tested for conversion rates so you will know the effectiveness of each one in your industry upfront. Plus, the website tool collects leads for you to help you in sales and marketing.

Lots of integrations

There are a lot of integrations that can allow you to use marketing tools like, Zapier, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Mailchimp among others. These integrations let you create a solid eCommerce site, set up lead magnets, or utilize SEO or CRM platforms that you’re already using, like Hubspot. It’s really simple to collect leads, add people to customer lists, or direct them to Slack with this system.

Good analytics

Leadpages has awesome analytic tools even without integrating others, although it is easy to do that. It tracks data and provides real-time insights into your landing page’s performance. 

If you want to add third-party analytics to your page, you can do that with a tracking code. You can also test different variations of your landing page choices to see which design and content perform better.

Encrypted data

All data and content on Leadpages are encrypted with an SSL certificate. That means your content and transmissions from leads and customers are encrypted and protected. 

Complies with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The GDPR makes sure companies like Leadpages secure personal data using outlined procedures for collecting, storing, and using data. 

Complies with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

The CCPA regulates how companies use data collected from those living in California. However, Leadpages uses the standards across the platform. That includes the policy to never sell data, allowing the option to delete or opt-out of services and remove all data, and keeping records of all people requesting data removal.

The good news is the website building tool offers a two-week free trial. The bad news is it requires a credit card to sign up and begin your free trial. 

You can choose between three pricing tiers for monthly plans at the end of the free trial. 

The pricing is set up for a Standard package, a Pro package, and an advanced package. The Standard package is $27 a month. The Pro package costs $48 a month for up to three websites and the advanced package costs $199 a month.

Leadpages doesn’t have live chat or phone support but you can contact support by email and it offers a large help center with tutorials, videos, and articles. 

Email support is responsive with a complete and useful answer delivered within 48 hours. They also send follow-up messages 24 hours after the first response to make sure their answer was complete and clear.

Can I build a website with Leadpages?

Yes, even though Leadpages is most known as a landing page builder, you can build a high-converting website as well. It becomes public the second you decide to publish it and is as easy to build at the landing page, using drag and drop editor. You can also obtain a custom domain name through the website building tool.

The website building tool also has all the conversion, templates, and analytic tools that are available for landing pages. That means you can market your website effectively and gather leads that convert to sales.

Is there a free version of Leadpages?

No, there isn’t a free version of the Leadpages product for long-term use. However, there is a 14-day free trial version that allows you access to all tools in the Leadpages plan and that shows you how the platform can be used to build your business. With the 14-day free trial, you can have unlimited publishing, traffic, and leads.

What is the difference between Leadpages and ClickFunnels?

Leadpages helps you create landing pages and a website that converts your visitors into customers for your business by using your site content and other features. ClickFunnels creates funnels that direct customers to another page where they can be converted by other businesses.

How good are Leadpages?

Most businesses that use Leadpages love them and use them for years. They like the fact the website building and landing page building tools were designed with conversion in mind. Another factor is the designs are continuously fresh, customizable, and responsive to all types of electronic devices.

What are some of the best uses for Leadpages?

Leadpages can be used effectively for a variety of things. Since video and images can be integrated, it’s a good tool to use to host webinars, build sales pages, and host videos for free courses or demonstrations of a product or service. 

You can also use Leadpages to automatically send content upgrades, create opt-in boxes, make an opt-in form on your landing page, handle email marketing, and reach out to subscribers through the site.

How can I use Leadpages to promote my business?

There are several ways to use Leadpages to promote your business or your brand and its features make it easy to convert potential customers into paying customers. After all, a landing page does no good if it just sits there. 

Integrate it with your social media pages
This is where a landing page is more useful than a website. Leadpages get their email address when they arrive at your landing page so that allows you to keep in touch with them. 

Posting your direct landing page link on social media cuts out steps potential customers have to take to subscribe. This ensures they will actually subscribe to your page. 

Use it in social media advertising
This is a great tool for advertising because it provides a direct link that gives the potential customer a quick choice between subscribing and leaving. That means the ones that subscribe stand a better chance of being converted to paying customers. 

Use it in a guest post or interview
This is a great way to get your landing page, and ultimately your business, more views. 

How will Leadpages help me?

Leadpages will grow your email list quickly and also convert more leads into customers. You should use it if you need more effective conversion and have a budget for a professional landing page tool. It also helps you by making it easy to build a landing page without using coding so your page is up and running quickly.

Can I use Leadpages with other website-building tools?

Yes, you can use it with Wix and WordPress for sure. You can integrate your Leadpages landing pages, alert bars, and pop-ups by publishing them to your Wix domain site. You can use them with the WordPress plugin. Then, you can publish any pop-up or landing page to the WordPress site with just a couple of clicks.

How responsive are Leadpages to other electronic devices?

Leadpages landing pages are highly mobile-responsive. All landing page templates are automatically optimized in three sizes to fit on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. This gives you the ability to control your site and the visuals.

Are Leadpages easy to use?

Yes, Leadpages is easy to use with an extremely easy setup process where you don’t have to use HTML code or plug-ins for things like alert bars. It is a good solution for pages that typically wouldn’t generate leads because of its high conversion effectiveness. You don’t need to do anything extra for that beyond picking a good conversion template and building your page.

Are Leadpages popular?

Leadpages is one of the most popular tools for building landing pages for both small and medium companies. It includes pop-ups and alert bars with the landing page to collect emails and contact information for lead generation. There is unlimited traffic allowed so you can save some money while you build your audience.

How can I save money on Leadpages pricing?

You can save a lot of money by going with a two-year plan with Leadpages. That is true in any of the three tiers. For instance, a two-year plan would save $20 monthly in the Standard plan, $37 monthly in the Pro plan, and $162 a month in the Advanced plan. 

If you can’t sign up for a two-year plan, the annual plan also saves some money too, although not as much. You would save $12 a month under the Standard plan, $31 a month under the Pro plan, and $122 a month with the Advanced plan. 

Which plans offer the A/B testing?

The opportunity to have a/b split testing to see which designs and content perform best is an excellent feature of Leadpages. It isn’t available in the Standard package but is offered in the Pro and Advanced packages.

Do Leadpages have traffic restrictions with the lower-priced package?

One great feature of Leadpages is there is no traffic restriction in any of its packages, including the Standard package. This is awesome if you have a lot of traffic visiting your landing page because you know the site won’t crash or slow down. 

In reality, there aren’t many businesses that would generate a high volume of unique visitors monthly. However, it’s nice to know that a landing page can handle it and not restrict you from trying to get that many. This allows you to market your landing page freely without worry.