Reddit Username Generator

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Reddit is a social forum that organizes news and hobbies into aggregated discussion categories, with most users being anonymous. With Reddit being such a personal platform, you will want to have a strong name identity so that people can identify your account and ensure that your username is not too similar to other similar usernames. A Reddit username generator can help you find a name that stands out.

Saves time

Coming up with a Reddit username on your own can be time-consuming due to the number of users on the Reddit platform that have already registered most of the shorter names. A name generator can help expedite the process by suggesting hundreds of name suggestions based on keywords that may fit you.

Helps with brainstorming

A name generator can help come up with unique username ideas by using artificial intelligence to generate name suggestions based on preferred keywords. Instead of spending all day trying to jot down names in a notepad, a name generator does the hard work for you by spitting out hundreds of names you can browse through in seconds.

Boosts creativity

There are only so many creative names that you can think of on your own before running out of ideas. A name generator helps create unique word combinations that make new words or slightly misspelled words for Reddit usernames.

Avoid numbers

If you can avoid numbers in your username, it will make it easier for people to remember your name. A number can create confusion for followers trying to look you up or tell others about your account.

Determine your purpose

If you intend to use Reddit to find a job, offer some service, or network, you will probably want to create a username to relate to your skills. For instance, if you are a freelance writer, you may want to include the words “Write” or “Writing” into your username so that people can quickly identify your account’s intention.

Optimize for SEO

Reddit gets over 250 million monthly visitors, making it one of the biggest websites in the world. As a result, one way to stand out in a crowded market is to choose an optimized Reddit username to show up in search results. Tools like keywords everywhere can help you find keywords with high search volume, and if you can create a unique username that has high searches and relates to the niche you want to pursue within Reddit, it may help you get organic followers.

Consider long term goals

Reddit is unique from other social platforms in that once you set up your username, you will not be able to change it unless you set up a new account. For this reason, you want to make sure you choose a username that you can grow with over time and does not isolate you into a niche that you will grow out of if your interests or hobbies change. Using part of your real name or nickname is a great way to choose a new username that you can feel confident in that you will never grow out of.


Keep it short

Shorter names are easier to remember and easier to tell others about through word-of-mouth marketing. A Reddit username generator can help come up with plenty of short names to choose from word combinations, new words, or short funny usernames that would be difficult to come up with on your own.


Check social media name availability

Suppose you plan on using your Reddit name to market a particular product or service check to see if your name is available across the different social media platforms. Having the same username across all other social platforms like Snapchat, Tumblr, and twitch can help make it easier for people to find you online.


Study other platforms

With so many different online communities popping up, you can get a good idea of the types of usernames that are successful on other platforms and see if you can get any ideas that you can incorporate into your name. For example, suppose you want to build a game and want to get involved in gaming subreddits. In that case, you may want to check out different Xbox Gamertags, youtube channels, or even other Reddit users in various subreddits to see if you can find any trends amongst the popular usernames.


Misspell a word

Reddit is a fun platform where most people hide their true identities. If your ideal username is taken, try misspelling a word to help create some form of uniqueness to a commonly used word. For example, switching out Z for S is a good way to develop a unique Reddit username with the same pronunciation, such as “BestGamerz.”


Run your username by friends and family

You may think your username is easy to spell and pronounce, but when you run it by a handful of friends and family, you may notice common mispronunciations or misspellings. If this is the case, you may need to think of different usernames that are less likely to confuse the masses.


Check domain name availability

Being engaged on Reddit can help build a community that you may bring with you across other platforms. If you are using Reddit for business purposes, having a website similar to your username is another excellent way to keep your followers up to date on everything you have to offer.

How do you get upvotes on Reddit?

Other users give upvotes to a poster that provides value to the message thread. The more upvotes you get, the higher your post will appear on the subreddit page.

What is the difference between a Reddit username and a display name?

A Reddit username is the name you use to sign up for your Reddit account and can’t be changed. However, you can elect to use a display name that is different from a username, which the Reddit community will see.