Last Updated on November 29, 2022

iPage Hosting Review (2024)

  • One of the first
  • Free security suite
  • User-friendly

iPage is noted for having the absolute cheapest rates of any website hosting company out there, making some suspicious of its quality and features. Yet, the features and quality of iPage rank up with its top competitors. It makes solid business sense to take a look and see what iPage offers.

Everyone considering iPage web hosting services should look at the pros and cons of each service. They all have their unique features and weaknesses and all need to be considered. iPage has far more advantages than disadvantages, but it is still helpful to be aware of both.


  • Host unlimited sites, unlimited storage, and bandwidth
  • User-friendly graphics-based control panel
  • For those in the United States, it comes with a free local or toll-free phone number
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Data centers around the world


  • iPage has upselling upon log-in
  • It isn’t as easy to host multiple domains as other services
  • The statistics for multiple websites are listed together rather than separately
  • No Windows-based servers
  • No month-to-month plans

A wide range of people will find this hosting provider useful. iPage is easy to use, so beginners will love it. It also has some advanced options so those more experienced will still find the features they need. This site solution is best for those on a limited budget who still want solid features and performance that normally goes with some of the larger service providers.

Small businesses or those starting with a couple of sites or a blog will find iPage as a good value as other web hosting providers.

Plans with iPage all have some solid standard features including:

  • Professional email accounts
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • SSL certificate
  • Domain registration
  • Website builder with templates
  • Ad credits
  • 24/7 support

All of these are included free with a plan. It also offers an expanded range of payment integrations for e-commerce sites. It also has SEO features.

The iPage free drag-and-drop website builder is the perfect solution for those who want to build their website but don’t have all the IT experience of a website designer.

One neat feature about iPage is the free domain for one year with all its hosting plans. Most others only give free domains with shared hosting, but iPage implements this with any of its plans.

Plus, you can have any domain extension. That includes the .com but also goes beyond that to any extension. Be aware you will need to pay the standard cost of renewing your domain after one year but a year is enough time to get your business or blog to a profitable level so paying the standard rate shouldn’t be a problem.

iPage is scalable so it can grow with your website. It has unlimited storage so that is a positive from the outset but also has scalable bandwidth that is sure to provide a good customer experience with quick response times as you gain more users to your site.

One of the changes made to iPage is going from a cPanel to a vDeck. Many prefer the cPanel but the vDeck is an easy-to-navigate interface that is great for beginners. It is intuitive, clear, well-organized, and clean so there is never a problem finding the options.

Website owners can manage multiple websites easily without going through a lot of drop-down menus to get to what they need.

Those who want to manage several websites will find iPage appealing because it allows unlimited domain hosting. Users also get one free domain name for a year, others can be added to the dashboard of a single hosting account. The only thing to be cautious of is how much bandwidth each uses from the server.

Additionally, those wanting WordPress as their site will find it’s super easy to install WordPress onto your iPage. The instructions are simple and there are also plans where WordPress is pre-installed.

iPage has four types of hosting types:

  1. Shared
  2. VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server)
  3. Dedicated hosting
  4. WordPress hosting

The iPage hosting shared plan is the most affordable and is typically the one beginners start with until they grow their user base. Those who need more privacy, faster uptimes, and more room move on to either a VPS or dedicated server.

Shared hosting

The shared hosting package offers unlimited site, unlimited storage, a free email address, and a free domain for a year. It’s an affordable package that’s comparable to other providers at $1.99 a month.

VPS hosting

A VPS is your own space but on a shared system. It’s a great transition from a completely shared server because it remains affordable but offers more flexibility and privacy. Three hosting packages fall under the VPS option with iPage.

  • Basic: This comes with one core CPU, one dedicated IP address, one GB RAM, 40 GB storage, and one TB bandwidth.
  • Business: The business plan has two core CPUs, two IP addresses, 90 GB, and three TB of bandwidth.
  • Optimum: This is the best of the VPS plans with four core CPUs, two IP addresses, 8 GB RAM, 120 GB storage, and four TB of bandwidth.

Dedicated hosting

A dedicated server is more expensive but can accommodate huge amounts of traffic quickly and would be the solution for someone with a busy online store or heavily-visited blog.

iPage has three plans for those wanting a dedicated server.

  • Startup: There is 500 GB storage, four GB RAM, and three dedicated IP addresses.
  • Professional: For this package, you get four dedicated IP addresses, plus 1000 GB storage, and eight GB of RAM
  • Enterprise: This is the best of the best plan with 16 GB RAM, 1000 GB storage, 15 TB of bandwidth, and five IP addresses.

Two plans for WordPress hosting exist for iPage.

WordPress Starter

When it comes to WordPress hosting plans, this particular starter plan offers pre-installed plugins, themes, and a customized control panel, but it isn’t like a cPanel. It is one dashboard where all your sites are on it in one place.

WordPress Essential

This high-level essential plan gives you all the features of the starter package plus a deluxe security bundle and more upload speed. You also get better access to a stronger customer support team for your WordPress site.

Performance tests for iPage are impressive. One gave it an A with a 90 percent score and a 1.1 second load time. Repeated testing showed the lowest score to be 85 percent or a B.

A separate test with another plugin netted a performance grade of 93 with a 903 millisecond load time. The speed remained under heavy loads with a 190.79 milliseconds result at a 100-visitor load.

Uptimes bear similar impressive results with ranges between 99.86% and 100% over seven days. An uptime guarantee is in place and standard across the industry.

This hosting company has excellent security features. First, all of iPage’s servers are within the U.S. in Waltham and Boston. It offers SSL certificates within all its plans and has other security features like email scanning, SPF authentication, and malware monitoring.

The starter shared hosting plan, called the Go Plan, is the cheapest on the market at $1.99 a month. However, since iPage doesn’t bill monthly, you must purchase a three-year contract to get that price. You can go with two-year or one-year plans for a slightly higher price of $2.49 and $2.99 a month respectfully.

WordPress packages run from $3.75 a month to $6.95 a month. VPS services cost between $19.99 to $79.99 a month, depending on the exact package. Dedicated servers cost between $119.99 and $191.99 a month, depending on the exact plan.

However, the VPS and dedicated server plans offer a 20 percent discount for the first term, saving some money.

Another thing to note about iPage pricing is all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It isn’t a complicated guarantee either where you must jump through hoops to get your money back. It is a no-questions-asked, completely refundable money-back guarantee.

There are multiple ways to get in touch with customer service for issues any time of the day or night. That includes both chat support and a phone line, both of which are constantly available for any type of question with no downtime. There is also a knowledge base with tutorials and guides that help those who choose to research and learn on their own.

Does iPage have a monthly billing plan?

IPage has a monthly option along with their annual plans that is $3.99 a month. That is slightly more than paying for 1, 2, 3-year plans, which breaks down to $2.75 a month. Even so, the monthly option can be helpful to those who can’t pay for an annual plan upfront.

Does iPage use ads on my page?

No, iPage doesn’t put ads on your website or interfere with it in any way, which separates it from some other web builders. You have full control over your page because you pay for it. That allows you to do whatever you want in terms of sales and products on your page.

Does iPage work with Frontpage?

Yes, iPage is compatible and supports all Frontpage extensions, so you can build your full website in Frontpage. There shouldn’t be any problems or challenges working with the two together.

Can I transfer my domain to iPage?

Yes, you can transfer your domain. It is a super easy process that requires very little from you. All you have to do is change your DNS settings at your other registrar. That way your nameservers are sent to iPage. It is that simple.

Do I need to buy the iPage Identity Theft Protection Package?

While everyone is worried about identity theft these days, there isn’t any real advantage to buying the iPage package because traditional options handle all initial concerns. Domain privacy hides any personal information from your WHOIS records and that’s all you need.

Can I get a customized email with iPage?

Yes, you can get a number of customized emails! You can have any number of additional emails for your employees and friends too. It’s an easy setup and you can point your emails to any collective source you want.

What’s the overall review of iPage? doesn’t sacrifice speed or performance for its cheap prices. While there are other providers including Hostgator, BlueHost, and InMotion, for example, this company has the features of its competitors with few disadvantages. Those who can pay for a three-year contract upfront will love the incredibly low cost for all its free features, including generous disk space. It is a great way for an entrepreneur to get started and have iPage support for your first time in business.