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A catchy product name is one of the best ways to stand out from the competition. Products like the Fidget Spinner and the Snuggie went viral for their marketing, but they also had unique product names that were creative and easy to say. Our product name generator can help by generating hundreds of names in seconds.

Makes brainstorming easy

People with product ideas tend to get married to a name without doing a ton of research on other potential names that may be a better fit. A product name generator can produce hundreds of results to give business owners additional names to consider.

Saves time

Coming up with a unique name can be time-consuming when you factor in brainstorming, talking to friends and family, and deliberating over the best product name. A product name generator uses artificial intelligence to compute hundreds of unique business names to browse. 

Saves money

Big brands pay expensive marketing fees to come up with unique business name ideas. By using a  product name generator, businesses can come up with a creative business name for free.

Define the target audience

Perform a thorough analysis of the target audience before choosing a product name to make sure it identifies with their particular buying profile. Visit forums and social media groups and look for commonly used words or hashtags that could be turned into a creative business name.

Conduct a thorough business name search

Perform a secretary of state search to make sure the business name is available.

Check domain name availability

After performing a business name search, check to make sure there is an available domain name for the intended brand name.

Domain availability has become quite competitive as the internet has aged. If the intended domain name is not available, be sure to check domain extensions like .net, .org, and .io.

Brand identity

Brand Identity is a collection of elements that portray a particular image to customers.

It is essential to evaluate what sort of mark you want to leave with customers when they engage with a product for the first time.

Check if there are plans to add additional products down the line

Startups that launch new consumer products often choose business names that are representative of the initial product idea. Typically, if businesses succeed with an initial consumer product launch on sites like Amazon or Shopify, there is a desire to launch additional products.

If a new business chooses a name representing a product in a tiny niche, it can be challenging to launch additional products in additional markets. Think about a short-term and long-term product roadmap and develop a list of names that meet interest in the best-case scenario.

Consider trademark implications

Perform a trademark search before zeroing in on the perfect name to avoid running into headaches down the line. 

Trademark searches can be performed quickly through the Trademark Electronic Search System.

Evaluate the competition

When launching a new product, it is essential to do a deep dive and evaluate the competitive landscape. Sites like Amazon make this easy as businesses can enter target keywords and assess the competition in the top 10 search results.

Competitive research with consumer products can help give insight into why customers buy from certain brands. Study the price points, packaging, and marketing strategies to look for opportunities to improve outcomes for consumers.


Be descriptive

Try and think of a product name that can identify the product in the product name. ETrade, Toys R Us,, and Bank of America describe what the businesses do in their business names. Consider a name that describes the product in some form or can incorporate the perfect keyword into the name.


Use a business name generator

A company name generator is a great way to get additional ideas for product names quickly and easily. Think of some of the target keywords for the intended product and enter them into a business name generator and see if the algorithm produces any interest names.


Make up a word or change spellings

Companies like Nike, Sony, and Google created new words that are now part of our everyday life. If there is a struggle to think of name options for a business name, consider combining words or coming up with a random name with a slight misspelling to stand out from the competition.


Get feedback

It is important to get some feedback on business names under consideration to get a potential customer’s point of view. Small businesses can get excited about specific names and not realize other people may think of something completely different when they hear it for the first time.


Maximize social media opportunities

It is essential to evaluate the social media landscape for a potential product name in the digital era. Take a look at products that have gone viral on Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok in the last year and look for trends in the types of product names that do well.


Test the product name out in the market

Try a soft launch testing out multiple product names to see if one word sells better than the other. Experienced eCommerce sellers perform vigorous testing on product names and variations by sending in small batches of inventory into Amazon to see if one name does better than another.


Sleep on it before selecting a name

It is easy to get excited about a product name and rush out to register the domain name. Take a couple of days to process the final list of names before making a final decision. Choosing a product name is a big decision, and it is easy to let emotion or preconceived biases influence decision making.

What makes a good product name?

A good product name is typically short, easy to say and spell, and has a descriptive quality. If customers can identify what the product is by hearing the name, there is a higher likelihood of word-of-mouth marketing.

What is the best way to find products for an online business?

Sites like Oberlo and Alibaba can connect entrepreneurs directly with manufacturers to create a custom private label product or drop shipping partner. The e-commerce landscape has changed drastically in the last few years, making it easier to get an online store up and running.

How important is SEO when coming up with a catchy product name?

Choosing a product name that can rank well in search results is something most entrepreneurs do not grasp until they are down the line in their business.

Perform a google search for the desired product name to evaluate the competitive landscape. Ideally, finding a brandable name that has high search volume with not a ton of competition from paid ads from big brands.

Do domain names and product names need to be the same?

It is essential to think about the long-term goals of a business before selecting a domain name.

Companies like Snuggie have built a massive business around mastering one product and mastering marketing and television advertising.

Wham-o is a popular toy company that has been around since 1948. Their first product was a slingshot, but they chose a broad enough name that they now have over thirty popular products.

If a business intends only to launch one product over its life cycle, it is best to have the same domain as the product name. If there is a desire to launch additional products down the line, choose a broader domain name with room to scale with other product lines.

What is the best way to come up with a product idea?

The best products solve a problem for consumers or create an emotional connection with them.

On the hit TV show Shark Tank, businesses can explain their personal story of how they came up with their product or service and can connect with customers. Try and evaluate problems in your day-to-day life that could also be solved for others in a big market.

How is a product name generator helpful?

A product name generator uses artificial intelligence to generate product name ideas based on entered keywords.