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Podcasting has grown in popularity in the last several years as it has become easier to consume audio content through mobile devices. Podcasting has turned into a legitimate business, as evidenced by Joe Rogan’s $100 Million Spotify deal. Coming up with a unique podcast name can help improve searchability, similar to how choosing a business name helps create brand recognition for customers.

Saves time

A podcast name generator can save time by suggesting hundreds of names to browse from within seconds. Simply enter in a few keywords of interest, and the name generator will suggest catchy names.

Makes brainstorming easy

The normal process to brainstorm potential business names that may be of interest is time-consuming. A podcast name generator can produce suggestions that previously weren’t thought of. Even if there is a name you are set on, using a name generator to check to make sure there are no additional names that may be of interest is a good idea.

Aids in creativity

Name generators can spit out hundreds of names based on unique word combinations that may be a good fit for a podcast name. Thinking of podcast name ideas that are creative can be challenging, and because a name is such a long-term commitment, choosing a creative well thought out name can help stand out from the competition.

Target audience

Podcasters typically create content intended for a specific niche or community. One of the best ways to create a memorable brand name is to choose a name that the potential listeners can identify with.

Domain availability

Check domain name availability through GoDaddy for the final list of podcast names under consideration. Suppose the podcast ends up being wildly successful. In that case, it will be well worth having a website set up giving details on future episodes and posting archives to attract additional listeners. One of the key ways to grow a podcast audience is frequent promotion, and having a website is one of many ways to help accomplish that.

Perform a trademark name search

Many podcasts start out as a hobby but grow into a successful brand that can be monetized. Perform a business name search to ensure no duplicate business names already have registered trademarks for the associated name.

Trademark searches can be done through the Trademark Electronic Search System.

Check social media name availability

Check to see if the social media handles for the podcast name of interest are available across the different platforms. Having the same name across multiple platforms will help increase brand awareness and make it easier for listeners to find the podcast.

Consider SEO discoverability

With podcasting gaining popularity, one of the best ways to be discovered to get a leg up on the competition is to come up with a podcast name that has high discoverability by the search engines. Research high-volume keywords that are familiar to the podcast’s target audience and see if there is an opportunity to think of a creative name.

Cross promotion opportunities

Consider the potential to create promotional opportunities by thinking of a well-thought-out blog name, podcast name, and social media name that are ideally the same name. 


Use a podcast name generator

A podcast name generator is a great way to come up with names to consider for a podcast. A name generator can suggest titles to scan from based on target keywords. Because coming up with a great podcast name is such a big decision, taking advantage of tools like business name generators are well worth time.


Keep it short

Podcasts frequently spread through word of mouth, and one of the best ways to be remembered is to have a short name that is easy to pronounce and spell. If there are no applicable short podcast names of interest, consider creating a new word or combining words for the name of your podcast.


Make it easy to spell

With the number of podcasts now available, it is best to come up with a name that would be difficult to misspell. One typo into a search engine could result in a potential listener electing to go with a different podcast show. Think through the final list of podcast names under consideration, repeat them out loud, and make sure they are very easy to spell.


Consider long term content goals

Map out both short-term and long-term best-case scenarios of where you see the podcast going. What interests people today may not down the road, and it is essential to map out topics that you want to cover in the podcast’s life and think about what names may be relevant.


Get feedback

Run the final list of names by friends or potential listeners to get feedback to help choose the perfect name. It is normal to have certain biases toward names that others may not pronounce or connect with in the same manner. Try and cast as wide of a net as possible to get as many objective thoughts on the top names on your list.


Consider the brandability

Popular podcasts typically make money through advertising revenue and affiliate partnerships. Other podcasts sell merchandise and hosting live events to generate revenue. When starting a new podcast, it is essential to think about long-term revenue opportunity and come up with a name that has the potential to monetize.


Think about the first impression

One of the best ways to get new listeners is to stand out when people browse different product categories. Having the best podcast name possible will help attract new listeners looking for a new podcast to listen to.


Avoid using podcast in the name

When people are browsing iTunes or Spotify, they know that they are looking for a podcast, so there is no need to be redundant, including the words “podcast” in the actual podcast name.


Analyze the competition

Study popular podcast names to generate potential name ideas. Review the podcast title, show notes, and reviews of podcasts to see any trends that stand out with podcast names. Check to make sure there are no duplicate podcast names to avoid creating confusion for listeners.


Think long term

One of the great things about podcasting is that there is such a vast canvas of content creation one can pursue. A good podcast like Joe Rogan interviews a wide range of guests covering various topics across several industries. 

Try to avoid picking a podcast name that limits the content. A descriptive name that has scalability is a good idea and can give the podcast room to venture out into different topics as time goes on.


Don’t be afraid to change the name

A podcast name is easy to change, and over time there may be a better name that fits your audience. Perhaps an episode went viral on a new niche that would be a better fit for episodes moving forward. Don’t be afraid to change and adapt after analyzing where the listeners are coming from and what type of content they are consuming.

What makes a good podcast name?

A good podcast name is easy to remember and connects with the target audience in some fashion. Think of choosing a podcast name the same way you would choose a business name or a name for a new product. Be throughout and follow the step-by-step process outlined above to come up with the best possible name.

What is a good way to drive traffic to a podcast?

A podcast can have the best content but have very few listeners if it is not promoted effectively. Some of the most popular ways to promote a podcast are blogging, advertising on social media platforms, and leveraging the podcast guests’ audience.

What is the best way to come up with creative podcast names?

Using a free podcast name generator can help make the name brainstorming process much more manageable. Think of several keywords that fit the target audience and run them through a generator to come up with the best possible name.

Where do most people listen to podcasts?

The most popular places to listen to podcasts are at home or while driving. With the recent growth in wireless headphone technology, it is easy to consume podcasts now while doing chores around the house or yard work.

Why is a good podcast name important?

A good podcast name increases the odds of discoverability through search engines, is easy to spread through word of mouth, and is more likely to be chosen by people browsing through different podcast categories.