Business Name Generator

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A business name is the first impression that customers have when they interact with a business. Putting the time into choosing a good business name can pay dividends off over the lifecycle of a business through word-of-mouth marketing and the added value of a solid brand name. A business name generator helps startups develop name ideas and reduce the amount of brainstorming time.

Saves time

Using a business name generator can help reduce the amount of time needed to find a good business name. A company name generator produces name results that are easily scannable. 

Makes brainstorming easy

A business name generator can help speed up the brainstorming process by utilizing artificial intelligence to suggest hundreds of business name ideas to browse based on interest keywords.

Save money

A name generator algorithm can provide a DIY option that is typically outsourced to brand consultants. A free business name generator can produce hundreds of name results. 

Domain availability

After narrowing down on a list of interest names, review the domain name landscape through GoDaddy to make sure the desired business names have an available domain name.

If the .com extension is not available, check out .org, options. As the internet ages, additional extensions are becoming more popular, so don’t give up hope if a dot com domain extension is unavailable.

Business name search

Perform a Secretary of State business search to check if the desired business name is available in the desired state. People often rush out to start new businesses without following their state’s naming guidelines. By putting in the research on the front end, companies can avoid running into headaches down the line. Also, check to make sure the business name is available by searching through the Trademark Electonic Search System

Target audience

Think about a business name that the target audience can connect with, which is easy for them to remember. A creative business name generator can produce results that combine unique keywords targeted at a specific audience.

Social media name availability

Ensure that the social media handles for the business names of interest are available before selecting a business name. With the emergence of social media platforms, it is essential to have the same branding across the web and social media.

SEO potential

Choosing a startup name that can generate organic traffic is a great way to stand out from the competition. Think of keywords with high search volume that can rank in google and try and incorporate them into the business name.

Think long term

The best business names can grow as the business evolves over time. Ensure not choosing a business name that prevents a business from growing if the business needs to pivot to additional products or services down the line. Think of a short and long-term roadmap for where a business can go and choose a business name that can fit both the worst and best-case scenarios.


Compare logos

One of the best ways to decide on a business name is to take the final list of names and get logo designs made to see if any stand out. Many sites now offer free logo makers that spit out designs in seconds.


Keep it short

Choosing a short and easy-to-remember name can increase the odds of customers sharing information about the business through word of mouth.


Make sure it is easy to spell and pronounce

Choose a name that is easy for people to spell and pronounce. The last thing you want is customers struggling to remember a business name they had a good experience at.


Make the name web-friendly

Odds are customers will research and find a business online whether a business has an eCommerce online store or just an informational website. So think of a great business name that can play well in the digital and physical world.


Be descriptive

Try and think of a name that can connect with the intended customer base and create a connection with them. When they hear the business name for the first time, they should try and connect the name with the service in some form. Be careful not to limit the name by incorporating a geographic location unless there are no long-term expansion plans.


Get feedback

Run the final list by potential customers and friends to get feedback and see if one name is consistently chosen. It is normal to have a bias toward one possible name, and speaking with others can help get unbiased feedback and possibly additional name suggestions.


Test the name in Google

 Type the names that are under consideration into Google and analyze the results. Are the sites that pop up relevant to the business name? Analyze traffic trends for the names that are being considered and see if one name generates results for the target audience over the others.


Create a new word

Creating a new word is an excellent option if you are running into issues with domain availability or finding a name that meets some of the qualities mentioned above. A business name generator is a great resource to help produce new words. Study some of the top brands on Amazon or Shopify for inspiration.

What is the fastest way to come up with a business name?

A business name generator is the best way to get name ideas in a hurry. Enter in target keywords, and the name generator will produce hundreds of business name suggestions. A name generator is like having a large group of friends and family submit business name suggestions all at once. Take advantage of this new technology.

What should you do if the business name you want is taken?

If the business name you want is taken, think about using synonyms, combining two words, or using a shorter version of the term. Check with the local secretary of state if a business name that is of interest is registered but looks like it has been inactive for several years.

How does a business name generator work?

A business name generator uses artificial intelligence to generate catchy business name suggestions based on entered keywords.

What is the best way to start a small business?

The best businesses typically solve a problem for other people. Think about daily issues you encounter and do some internet search analysis to see what problems are still left without a viable solution.

Where is the best place to see if a business name is reserved?

Each state has a Secretary of State database that maintains corporate records of registered businesses in their state. Perform a thorough business name search before moving forward on any name.

Are business name generators free?

The majority of the business name generators are free for the public to use. There are a few platforms that sell brand names as part of their service. Choose a name generator to help get the best name suggestions to avoid being guided to premium business names.