Last Updated on November 29, 2022

Hostinger Review (2024)

  • Extensive features available on its dashboard
  • User-friendly website builder
  • One-click installation
  • Great website response times and loading speeds

Every site needs a web host, but there are dozens to choose from. To help narrow the search, this review focuses specifically on Hostinger; a web hosting provider headquartered in Lithuania. Since its start in 2004, the company has grown to serve more than 29 million users, has ICANN accreditation, and offers web hosting in 39 countries. It offers scalable virtual servers, WordPress-friendly optimizations, and backups for websites. Hostinger has some of the best web infrastructure too.

Hostinger has several advantages and a few disadvantages. It is worth a look at both the pros and cons.


  • Content delivery network or CDN
  • Extensive features available on its dashboard
  • User-friendly website builder
  • One-click installation
  • Great website response times and loading speeds


  • Customer service is limited
  • hPanel rather than a cPanel, which can make mitigation tougher
  • Some things, like privacy protection and a redemption fee, are not covered under the refund policy
  • No dedicated server hosting

Hostinger web hosting services are best suited for those who are intermediate in their website skills who feel comfortable researching problems on their own, have the time to send an email, or prefer live chat over a phone call to customer support. 

Hostinger offers feature-rich plans that many small businesses find helpful, provided they understand how to use them. Tutorials and some tech support is provided. 

This web hosting service is incredibly affordable so those on a budget will find it a good fit. It also has a global reach so businesses that need to reach customers around the world will find it to be a great web hosting service. 

While the company is seemingly stingy by offering only one free domain name for those signing up with the upper-tiered plans. However, the company makes additional domains affordable with .com and .net extensions costing less than $10 annually and other domains costing around $12 a year.

Those in the higher-tiered plans have unlimited subdomains and parked domains. Transferring your domain to Hostinger is easy and only costs a small fee. 

The email functionality of Hostinger is unique to some of its competitors. It allows you to set email forwarding, autoresponders, editing mail exchanger records. You can also even forward all emails sent to a customer’s domain, even if the email account doesn’t exist. 

Hostinger’s features on its panel make managing a hosting account easy. It puts all hosting services in one single, intuitive package so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Another feature that Hostinger offers is its website builder. You can get a professional, high-quality website up quickly without needing to hire a developer. The website building is a tool on the panel available to all hosting plans, even the cheapest shared hosting plan. It’s a simple drag and drop system so no coding language is needed.

Hostinger also has excellent mobile responsiveness, and plug-ins for adding social media platforms, videos, payment integration, and a lot of e-commerce capability

Hostinger has four types of hosting services:

  • Shared
  • WordPress
  • Cloud
  • VPS

It doesn’t offer a dedicated server. 

The shared plan is the most affordable. A shared plan means your site shares a server with other sites, which is why costs are minimal.  There are three types of shared plans available with Hostinger, each with varying storage and features. 

Shared Plans

Shared plans are the most affordable web hosting plans and a great way to get started with a website.

  • Single Shared: This has one dedicated email, 100 GB of bandwidth, and weekly backups. There is no free domain or Secure Shell (SSH) access. 
  • Premium Shared: The premium plan comes with unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, weekly backups, a free domain, and SSH access. 
  • Business Shared: This business plan has unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, daily backups, free domain, and free SSH access.

WordPress Plans

WordPress hosting by Hostinger runs on shared servers, so it is highly affordable but is created specifically for WordPress websites. Like the shared plan, there are three plans offered. 

  • Single: The single plan offers one email account and 100 GB of bandwidth. It has no automatic backups, no free domain, and no SSH access. 
  • Premium: This WordPress plan has unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidths, weekly automatic backups, a free domain, and SSH access. 
  • Business: This plan has unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, daily automatic backups, a free domain, and SSH access.

Cloud Plans

Like all of Hostinger’s plans, its cloud plan has three categories to choose from. All of its cloud hosting plans include a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, and a dedicated IP address.

  • Business Startup: The startup package can handle up to 300 websites, has 40 GB of SSD storage, three GB of RAM, and two CPU cores. 
  • Business Professional: This package also can handle up to 300 websites but has 80 GB of SSD storage, six GB of RAM, and four CPU cores. 
  • Cloud Global: Like the other two plans, the Cloud Global plan can handle up to 300 websites but also offers 200 GB of SSD storage, 16 GB of RAM, and eight CPU cores. 

VPS Servers

Those seeking out a VPS server will find that has more options than its competitors. All VPS plans come with auto-installers with popular web scripts, operating system templates, a custom control panel, and 128 GB of Ram per server. 

Unlike other web hosting services, Hostiger categorizes its VPS plans by the amount of CPU power given to the server. Other things that separate the plans are memory, bandwidth, and storage. 

So, those wanting a VPS service have 18 Hostinger plans to look at. You can pick from 1vCPU up to 8vCPU and from one GB of memory up to eight GB. Storage ranges from 20 GB to 160 GB and bandwidth ranges from 1000 Gb to 8000 GB. 

Hostinger meets all global standards for reliability and performance. It offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is the industry standard. If the web host doesn’t maintain that percentage of uptime service, customers can get a 5% credit of their monthly hosting fee. However, this isn’t automatic, so if customers notice downtime, they must request the credit. 

The company spends a lot of money on higher-end hardware and solid-state drives so uptime likely will never be an issue. The company uses a cloud network for its virtual servers so websites always have prime availability and are always up and running. 

That also makes speed with Hostinger reliable with achieving a perfect Google PageSpeed Insights score.

Hostinger has taken great measures to fix any vulnerability issues after an incident in 2019. Some of those measures include:

  • Rewrote a lot of backend system code. 
  • Removed most dependencies on external libraries.
  • Added an auto-rotatable password system. 
  • Added a two-factor authentication feature. 
  • It now keeps any client-sensitive data, like emails and names, on a separate database with a strictly audited channel.
  • Started using Bastion servers to reduce the number of systems with access to internal systems and the number of direct connections to servers. 
  • Free SSL certificates

Overall, Hostinger is widely known for its vast amount of security features. It tracks DDoS attacks and the response as well as uptime. This is a proactive stance that prevents attacks on the website before they happen. 

The company has hardware firewall protection with strict settings. 

Hostinger has low prices and affordable renewable pricing. It starts at a $2.99 monthly introductory price for a shared plan with a maximum renewable price of $10.99 a month.

WordPress site hosting starts at $5.99 a month and renews at a maximum of $13.99 a month. The cloud system begins at $12.99 a month with a beginning renewal price of $23.99 and a maximum renewable price of $95 a month. The VPS system has an introductory price of $4.96 a month with a beginning renewal price of $9.05 a month to a top monthly renewal price of $72.75 a month.

The company has a 30-day money-back guarantee, but remember everything isn’t included in the refund.

There are a few extras you will need to plan on paying for that will appear as options at the checkout. Some of these include:

  • Daily backups
  • Cloudflare protection
  • SEO toolkit
  • Priority support with a strong knowledge base

You will also have the option of buying domain names through Hostinger if your plan doesn’t include a free one or if your free year is up. That cost ranges from 99 cents to $12.99 a year, depending on the extension you choose.

Hostinger doesn’t offer phone support but does have around-the-clock live chat support, email, and support tickets. Its customer support team is multilingual so it can handle issues from all over the map, but some hosting reviews say customer support is a bit lacking.

Those looking for a global company with a serious focus on security, great load times, and a cloud hosting option should consider Hostinger. The cheap hosting plans go with an easy-to-use dashboard. Its plans for multiple sites are highly competitive in price to other web hosting services with tons of storage so those with multiple domains will find it a good choice.

Is Hostinger a good option for beginners?

Yes, Hostinger is a decent web host for beginners. They have a great support team to guide you through any obstacles in setting up your site, so there should be no fear in trying it out. The site has incredibly low introductory prices and its services include great features. Many have guided prompts to help you along the way.

What is the top web hosting plan with Hostinger?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is Hostinger’s top web hosting service for getting the most speed and performance. The company has six different VPS server options. VPS is a good step up from a shared hosting plan, yet remains much more affordable than a dedicated plan. A VPS plan has lots of room for traffic too.

Does Hostinger have dedicated servers?

No, Hostinger does not have plans for dedicated servers in its offerings. It does have some other options like VPS that offer much the same speed and performance as a dedicated server. Those with midsize websites will do well with a VPS web hosting service.

Can Hostinger be used with the Minecraft server?

Minecraft hosting is completely compatible with Hostinger, offering 100 percent reliability with incredibly low latency. The two make for an excellent combination.

Can I get free hosting with Hostinger?

Yes, you can click on Hostinger’s free hosting plan to get free web hosting. There is a simple, intuitive process to go through which takes a few minutes so prepare to spend a little time going through that. After that, you will have your web hosting plan running for free.