Snapchat Username Generator

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Snapchat has evolved into a staple social media platform. Snapchat has recently expanded into e-commerce, which is a great way for creators to monetize their Snapchat account.

Saves time

Coming up with Snapchat username ideas can be time-consuming due to many of the shorter names already taken. With so many users, you will likely have to create a unique username, and a username generator can help save you time by generating hundreds of name suggestions by doing the hard work for you. You enter keywords that are interesting to you into the generator, and it will produce name ideas. 

Creates unique name combinations

A name generator can merge different words to develop creative names for a unique username. Trying to combine words on your own can be hard to think through, while a name generator will use artificial intelligence to spit out name combinations that you can browse through quickly and see if any of them stand out.

Helps avoid special characters that are hard to remember

The default for people who find out their Snapchat username is taken is adding numbers or special characters at the end of the name without giving it much thought. While this may be the path of least resistance, if you end up growing your Snapchat account and have desires to build a large following, you will run into issues with people having a difficult time trying to locate your account. A random username generator can help create new catchy and easy words for people to remember, even if they aren’t commonly used in English.


The typical process of coming up with a username involves writing names out on a notepad or markerboard, and it is common to run out of ideas or settle on a less than perfect name to help save time. A name generator is like having hundreds of people give you name suggestions and give you additional brainpower to help you find the perfect name.

Stand out from the competition

If you plan on monetizing your Snapchat account through affiliate marketing or selling products or services, putting in the time to come up with a good Snapchat name

Display name vs. Username

Your display name appears to others on Snapchat, while your account username is the name that you use to log in to your account. Using the same username and display name may make things easier for you when telling others about your Snapchat account and makes it less likely that you will mix things up.


Shorter names are easier to remember, and with Snapchat being a high-volume video consumption platform, you will have plenty of competition for attention. Sticking with a short name will make it easier for people to remember your videos and come back to find your account to follow or engage.

Target audience

If you choose a name to use for only your friends and family to follow you, you may not need to spend a ton of time thinking about a marketable username. However, if you ever want to monetize your Snapchat users, you will need to think about your target audience and come up with a name that relates to them to help make it easier for them to connect with you.


Choosing a name that is easy to spell is another way to develop a good Snapchat username. Many people will hear a word and spell or pronounce it differently, so you will want to think of a name that most people will not have difficulty spelling. If your real name is difficult to spell or is long, you may want to consider using a short phrase or nickname, leading to fewer spelling errors.


If you want to sell products on Snapchat or do affiliate marketing, you need to approach your account like a business. Think about the type of customer you want to attract and try to think of cool Snapchat usernames that can turn evolve into a brand down the line if you end up having massive success.

Think long term

What interests you now may not interest you down the line, and so you will want to think of a name that does not isolate you to a niche that will be tough use if you lose interest as you grow older. So think about your short and long-term goals and try and come up with a Snapchat username that can fit both scenarios.

Domain availability

If your Snapchat account becomes increasingly popular, you will want to ensure your followers and businesses have multiple ways to get in touch with you. A website is a great idea to help give validity to your company and can be an additional monetization stream for your business. Perform a domain name search of names you are considering and see if you can set up a site with the same .com name as your Snapchat username to help improve awareness. 


Incorporate your real name

Snapchat is a personal platform where most users have a profile picture, so try to incorporate your real name to help your followers put a face with a name. More people are messaging friends through various platforms instead of just solely through their phone numbers, and using your name or some form of your name in your Snapchat username is an excellent way to help people identify you.


Study the competition

Just as a business would study the competitive landscape before starting a business, a good idea when choosing a username is to check other usernames in your target audience. Of course, every target audience is different. Depending on the size and competitive landscape, you may need to choose a very niche-specific name. In other instances, you can likely choose a more broad name. For example, if you want to market cooking supplies and create only cooking content, you will probably want to incorporate something cooking-related into your name, like @jenthechef.


Get ideas from other platforms

You may be able to come up with cool Snapchat names by studying other social media platforms and seeing if you can generate any ideas from successful social media accounts. For instance, you may see an Instagram username or Tiktok account with many followers in your target market that does not market on Snapchat. While you won’t want to duplicate that person’s content, you can get an insight on what makes their account successful and whether their username is a key factor in attracting new followers or if it helps make it easier to remember for people.


Get feedback from friends and family

You may be set on a Snapchat username and think how you hear it pronounced in your mind is how others will pronounce and spell the name. Run the top words you are thinking of by friends and family to make sure they can easily pronounce, spell, and say the name as you want it to come out.

What is a good Snapchat username?

In a crowded market like Snapchat, you will want to think of a memorable Snapchat username to help your account stand out. A good username is easy to remember and spell and relates to your target audience somehow.

Can you change your Snapchat username?

You can’t change your Snapchat username, but you can change your display name in the settings tab at any time. Be sure to make sure your Snapchat name follows Snapchat guidelines, so you don’t run into issues after you have created your account.