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Twitch has been mostly known as a streaming platform for gaming but that identity has started to shift into other niches as Twitch expands into other categories like Sports and Music. There is no doubt that streaming is here to stay and Twitch is positioned well to continue to be one of the top players in the industry.

If you are looking to start your streaming channel on Twitch, you will want to come up with a catchy name that is easy to spell and remember.

It saves time

Most catchy Twitch names are likely going to be taken and you can end up spending hours trying to lookup names. A Twitch name generator can do the hard work for you by generating hundreds of name suggestions based on keywords that you are interested in. 

It gets creative with name combinations

Trying to come up with the best new username can be a bit of a challenge. Twitch has 9.2 million active streamers, which means that you will have to be creative in coming up with a catchy new name.  One of the best ways to stand out with a Twitch name is to combine two different words into one word that resonates with that target audience you are hoping to attract.

For instance, if you are interested in starting a sports streaming channel and intend to focus on football and baseball, choose a name that is able to crossover to both niches in your target audience. By entering the keywords “football” and “baseball” into a name generator, the username “FootballSlugger” was one suggestion, and a good example of combining two words to fit your niche.

Helps you standout from the competition

If you are looking to build out your audience, having a unique and easy-to-remember name will be key in attracting people that are interested in your niche. With how competitive streaming is, you will be able to attract organic followers by having a Twitch channel name that shows up in relevant username search results. Here is a list of the most popular Twitch channels.

A quick look at the top five most popular pages will show that the name doesn’t necessarily have to be a real word as made-up words make up some of the top channels: Tfue, Rubius, and Tubbo.

Putting in the time to uncover unique words or phrases that are commonly used in the community is a great way to stay ahead of the competition.

Aids with brainstorming

Old school brainstorming typically involves jotting names on a marker board or writing down countless names on paper that may be a fit. With a Twitch name generator, you can get hundreds of name ideas in a matter of seconds which can help you discover names you previously never thought of.

Things to consider when choosing a Twitch name

Choose a short name

When selecting an available username for Twitch it is best to try and find a relatively short word. Short names are some of the best usernames on Twitch as they are easier to remember and have a higher likelihood to be referred to by others. Most short names will likely be taken so it is very common to create a new word by combining words or adding extra letters if needed.

Some name examples in the top ten most popular streamers with short names are Shroud, Rubius, Myth, and Dr. Lupo. Most of these aren’t relevant to their niche but they are short and easy to remember. 

Check domain name availability

Once you build up the following odds are your followers will want to learn more about you and a website is a great way to keep them posted on upcoming events and help them learn more about you. If you can find a Twitch username that has branding potential make sure you check to see if the domain name is available.

Make sure social media handles are available

When trying to come up with a Twitch name you will want to check social media handles to make sure the name is available. By having the same Twitch username for your social media handles you will be able to cross-promote between them and help improve your reach. If the social media handles are taken, try to reserve social media handles that are close, try to reserve a social media name that has some similarity to your Twitch name.

Consider brandability upside

If you are successful in streaming it can be very lucrative as the top streamers earn millions of dollars a year. You will want to think about choosing your Twitch name in the same way that you would select a business name. Be careful not to pick a name that is too niche that will limit your availability to scale into other different markets.

For example, if you wanted to start a channel streaming that showcases your Xbox skills across many games, you wouldn’t want to choose a name that leads followers to believe only one game is like CallofDutyChamp. 

A Twitch name generator is a great way to get name ideas that combine popular keywords across multiple target markets.

Choose an easy to spell name

The average reading level is around the 7th-8th grade level for most people which means people frequently misspell more words than you think. When setting up your Twitch account, make sure you choose a name that does not have a high propensity to be misspelled. Popular channel names like Pokimane Fresh, and Myth are some good examples.

Research Twitch SEO

Like most search engines, Twitch has its unique SEO that the best streamers take advantage of. Perform some keyword research in your niche to evaluate the competitive landscape and see if you can think of a Twitch name that has a high amount of search volume for the keywords with limited competition that aligns with your target audience.

With 86% of Twitch users being discovered through Twitch search, you will want to make sure you have a name that is optimized for SEO success. The best way to get a feel for the Twitch search algorithm is to spend time typing in keywords in the Twitch search and look for long-tail keyword opportunities that you can incorporate into your name or channel description and video titles.

Make sure you have an e-mail address 

Once your Twitch channel is successful you will likely attract advertising opportunities to market your new brand and you will want to have a professional email address. Webmail services like Gmail offer options to register custom email addresses if you want to come up with a catchy email name as well.  


Use a Twitch username checker

Instead of wasting time having to go through the registration process only to realize that the username you want is taken, a Twitch name checker will help you save time by telling you right away if the name you are thinking of is available.


Browse top channels on

One of the best ideas to help come up with a good name is to browse the top 50 streamers on Twitch to see if you notice some trends. None of the top ten channels have names that are longer than 10 words and only 2 of the top 10 are real words. This should give you confidence that if the perfect name you have been wanting to use is taken you can get creative to find an alternative.


Get ideas from other platforms

While Twitch is growing at a rapid rate they are still behind other streaming platforms like Youtube.

Browsing Youtube is another great resource for name ideas as the influencers on the platform typically target a different audience but there is a similar strategy in username creation.

Internet forums like Reddit can be another great way to look for names that are commonly used as nicknames in a particular community.


Keep an eye out for inactive accounts

Twitch recently revamped their username recycling policy to make names available if accounts have been inactive for more than 12 months. If there is a username that you are interested in and you aren’t seeing any activity on the channel for longer than a year, it will likely become available in the near future.

Twitch does not announce when the usernames are recycled so the best way to check is to check from time to time to see if the name is up for grabs.

What should my Twitch username be?

Your Twitch username should be a well-thought-out name that resonates with your target audience and is easy to spell and remember.

How do you set up a new Twitch account?

You can sign up for a new Twitch account by visiting and filling in the required information. You will need to enter in your name, password, and date of birth as well as come up with a Twitch username to create a new account.

What is the best way to grow your Twitch audience?

The Twitch tutorial page is a great resource. Study some of the top pages and study how frequently they stream and market their channel. Another popular method to grow a Twitch audience is to cross-promote through social media and other channels.

How much can Twitch streamers make?

There are several different ways you can earn income on Twitch. Some of the most popular ways are via affiliate links, merchandise sales, donations (Twitch Bits), sponsors, tournaments, and ads.