YouTube Name Generator

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Video content consumption is rapidly growing as people are diversifying how they obtain information and entertainment. Launching a successful YouTube page can be pretty lucrative, with top creators and influencers earning millions of dollars through advertising and affiliate product commissions. With the upside potential of the platform, it is worth putting in the time to create a unique channel name that stands out.

Saves time

Browse through the list of names to see if any stand out and get started with your channel much sooner by avoiding spending weeks contemplating a channel name.

Saves money

A YouTube name generator can help do the job that expensive brand consultants and marketing experts do for free.

Makes brainstorming easy

A name generator can help add to the list of names that may be a fit by generating creative name suggestions based on keywords that fit the channel’s branding.


One of the most intriguing aspects of being a video content creator is having the potential to create a video that goes viral and racks in millions of views. Think of a name that is easy to remember and can be spread through word of mouth easily.

Domain availability

Since YouTube is turning into a relevant search engine, check to see if the name that is of interest also has a domain name that is available as well. For cross-marketing purposes, it is helpful if the name, domain name, and social media names are the same name or very similar.

Name length

Shorter names are easy to remember, and as a result, have a higher likelihood to spread through word of mouth. In addition, one of the main objectives for creators is to grow their subscriber count, so having a name that is not overly complex to spell or say can increase the odds of gaining new followers.

Branding potential

Choose a name that is creative enough to turn into a legitimate brand. For example, some popular channels like Blippi and Dude Perfect have diversified their content marketing outside of their channel and now offer consumer products that are now found at toy stores across the country.

SEO landscape

YouTube has its unique search engine that uses artificial intelligence to suggest recommended videos to users. Perform keyword research on the name being considered to see what comes up in the search rankings.

Does the keyword have good search volume? It is generating relevant topics to what the intended market is? Performing due diligence by entering in the potential channel names is a great way to help zero in on a perfect name.

Google also uses various factors like the quality of backlinks and bounce rate to determine search ranking results. YouTube has a unique algorithm as well, and here are some recommendations for optimizing SEO results:

  • Maximize session watch time
  • Creating engaging thumbnails
  • Keyword optimized title, description, and tags
  • Offer video in multiple languages

Trademark search. Perform a business name and trademark search to ensure the desired name is not registered to another entity. Business name searches can be performed with the Secretary of State, while trademark searches are done through the Trademark Electronic Search System.

Long-term goals

Think about a short-term and long-term goal for the channel that is being created. It is very typical for businesses to pivot from one idea to the next as they uncover new markets. Choose a name that does not confine the channel into a small niche and is relevant to both the short and long-term goals. Additionally, choose a name that conveys some identity to the message the channel is trying to spread with viewers.


Use a YouTube name generator

A name generator can use artificial intelligence to suggest hundreds of name suggestions within seconds. First, browse the list of names produced by the generator to see if any are of interest. The best name generators offer a DIY option that can help save time brainstorming for a legit name.


Study the competition

Evaluating the competitive landscape for the target market of the intended YouTube channel is a great way to come up with name suggestions. Look at other YouTubers and write down their names and do an analysis. How long are the names? Are they easy to spell? Do they identify with what the page is about, or are they completely random? It may be helpful to include the main keyword of what the channel conveys into the name if it is relevant.


Get feedback  

Once the target name list has been narrowed down to the top 2-3 names, run the names by friends or family to get additional feedback. For example, do they pronounce the name like it is intended? Is one name being consistently chosen as a favorite by others?


Test out a couple of names

Since setting up a channel is a free and easy tryout, consider starting with a couple of names and evaluating if one name gets more traction than the other when similar content is produced.


Search social media

YouTube channels are discovered across a variety of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. Check out those platforms and confirm that the desired name is available before setting up the name on YouTube. Another suggestion is to check the search volume for relevant hashtags for the name under consideration.


Browse internet communities

Sites like Reddit can also provide good insight into helping choose the perfect name. Check to see if there is a nickname or common words used frequently in different internet communities that could be made into a username.


Choose a catchy name

The most popular names are memorable and easy to pronounce. Mr. Beast and Dude Perfect are successful pages that utilize unique, catchy names. Think of a name that has good word of mouth potential that is easy to spell and remember.

What makes a good YouTube name?

A good name is creative and relevant to the content that is being produced. The process of picking a name should be similar to choosing a business name. Brainstorm, select keywords of interest, plug them into a name generator to develop a good list of names. If the names of interest are not available, try combining words or creating a new word.

Do YouTube videos show up in Google search results?

Yes, videos show up more in search engine results toward the top of the page as consumers change the way they get content. Enter a few questions into Google and notice how the search results incorporate videos into the search results.

How popular is YouTube?

YouTube has gained significant traction in the last couple of years and has grown in popularity. You may notice that Google is starting to post video content at the top of Google search results. Over 1.3 Billion people use the platform across the globe and over 30 million people use it daily.

What is a vlogger?

A Vlogger is anyone who frequently posts short video clips to an audience or group of followers. Vloggers (short for video bloggers) typically post about their daily life or travel journeys to build a connection with their fan base. 

What are the most popular niches?

Gaming channels, tutorials, and tech videos are the three most popular niches. 
Browse through niches of interest, take note of the names, and see if trends with the top-ranking pages can help generate ideas on developing the best possible name.