Last Updated on Oct 22, 2021

Zyro Review – 2021

  • Commission-free sales revenue
  • AI branding
  • Easy templates

Zyro is a website builder that has tools and features for both standard websites and e-commerce stores. It offers a drag-and-drop builder so it’s pretty easy to use. Its affordable price also makes Zyro a website builder to look at.


  • Commission-free sales revenue
  • AI branding
  • Easy templates


  • No way to change the site layout after live
  • Confusing to add information to products during upload

Zyro can be the right solution for those who want a simple website at an affordable price. Overall, Zyro is a pretty easy setup and uses AI to help you make decisions so it can be set up and online pretty quickly. The Zyro website builder provides e-commerce, website building as well as artificial intelligence solutions.

This platform is considered one of the best website builders even though it isn’t as well known as others on the market. It has multiple tools and is best suited for smaller stores rather than larger online stores. It has an impressive array of features and functions that make it easy to set up a simple website without a lot of experience or knowledge. 

Zyro is also a good site to look at for smaller e-commerce sales. However, it has enough features that make Zyro an excellent choice for online stores or small businesses that want a rock-solid online presence. Its number of payment gateways, tax configurations, shipping, and multilingual options open some doors for smaller online businesses while keeping the overall cost low.

Zyro has both advantages and disadvantages and it pays to know what all of them are before you delve into building a website. 


  • You keep all of your sales revenue because it’s commission-free. The e-commerce version allows you to keep all your revenues without paying a commission. However, you do have to pay for the package and also have to pay transaction fees to gateway merchant services like Stripe or PayPal for using debit and credit cards. Those fees are typically 2.9 percent plus 30 cents of every sale. 
  • It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to do your branding. Those who aren’t familiar with branding tools will be happy to know that Zyro has AI tools that help with branding and writing. An AI writer, for example, allows you to select topics, click on a category, and generate content that you can modify to fit your needs. 
  • It has an easy grid system design for templates. Zyro has a drag-and-drop editor that makes its ease of use, well, easy. Templates come in different genres and the platform allows you to see how each will look on a smartphone, desktop, or table before you make a decision. When you start building, the builder walks you through the user interface in five steps. You will receive a URL based on Zyro but you can upgrade to a customized domain name or transfer your own from another site.


  • There isn’t a way to change your layout or switch templates once your website is live. With this site builder, you can’t make changes after you make your website live. This is a disadvantage because you may want to change something later but this is the downside of getting the rest of Zyro’s features. 
  • It can be confusing to add information to products during uploading. Zyro can have information overload when trying to upload product information. While the site is a simple one to create, uploading extra info is one area that is a bit more complicated.

There are so many great features of Zyro that it’s hard to know where to start but the first place to start is with choosing how to build the site.

You have website building options

With Zyro, you have two choices when it comes to how to build your website:

  • Manually with the drag-and-drop system
  • Using AI

Your selection of picking a theme manually doesn’t know you completely out of using AI either. AI is still available for many other aspects. 

The use of AI is fantastic

AI isn’t used in other website-building tools like it is with Zyro. AI can be used for building, content writing, and creating logos. 

AI can pick a template for you by answering a few questions so all you have to do is add content. As stated previously, it can also generate a basic paragraph of copy with just a few clicks to narrow down the subject. AI tools also include: 

Logo maker

This is a helpful tool on Zyros that other sites just don’t have. You can either build a logo manually using the tools on the site or use the AI function to create a new logo and deliver it from the website editor.

Slogan generator

AI takes your keywords and creates unique taglines with the click of a button. There are multiple choices of slogans so you have many options to choose from. It’s like having a brainstorming team!

AI business name generator

This operates much like the slogan generator. All you have to do is put in some keywords and hit a button. A list of possible business names pops up. 

AI heat map

This is where AI really comes to the rescue to help you figure out what customers are thinking. The AI Heatmap tells you what the biggest eye-catchers are on your website and assists you with the website design, button placements, and more. 

The heatmap operates on a simple concept. The warm areas show how much readers are paying attention to that section. 

The best part about all these features is they are included for free for anyone. 

Nice e-commerce tools

Business features include blogging, analytics, and marketing. It has more than 70 payment options so all of your customers’ needs will be met. It has a guide at the top of the dashboard so new website builders can be helped as they build. You can access all parts of it from one menu. 

Some of the analytics and marketing tools include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Hotjar
  • Messenger Live chat

Zyro has several benefits that make it worthwhile to consider. 

The extensive AI programs do everything for you

Those who are just launching a site or a business will find the AI programs on Zyro to be extraordinarily helpful. They could make you change your mind about some things since they generate new ideas with keywords you select. 

There are lots of templates

There are more than 110 themed templates that cover all types of niches. The Ecommerce site has much fewer with only 17 but all of the templates are visually appealing and well designed. 

Zyro templates have a minimalistic look so they are clean and uncluttered. They are also free to those building a website. 

It has good integrations for e-commerce

The Ecommerce plans allow multi-channel selling and multilingual pages, depending on the plan you choose. With an abundance of payment gateways, you can sell to anyone. 

It is a foreign-owned site so there could be some service issues and customer relation issues

While Zyro is well established globally, it is harder to manage things like communicating with customer service or resolving a downtime issue when your website building company is overseas. Even so, Zyro is reliable so that shouldn’t be a regular issue. 

The e-commerce editor is cluttered

While minimalism in the standard editor provides a clean UI, the Ecommerce editor can look busier and that can be a little overwhelming. 

The blogging tools can be better

You can use the blogging editor to write but it isn’t as functional as others on other sites. It looks similar to its website builder and doesn’t have a lot of special features. Also, you must add image sections and text within the post instead of just dragging images in. Also, you can’t schedule posts.

Zyro offers a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate with each plan so you will have secure connections that encrypt information from your customer’s web browser to your server. It displays an icon telling your customers that you are a secure site. 

The rest of its security is the basic systems you depend on all website building tools having like all the e-commerce tools are PCI DSS validated at Level 1. This is the top of all standards for secure financial transactions. That should make your customers feel safe.

Zyro has four plans with two of those specifically for online sales. 

Basic plan

This is best for personal brands. The cost is $2.49 a month after applying all discounts


  • 3 GB bandwidth
  • 1 GB storage
  • Connect with a custom domain
  • SSL certificate 
  • SEO
  • Designer templates
  • AI features
  • Blog title generator and other blog tools

Unleashed Plan

This is for smaller businesses and is priced at $3.29 a month after applying all discounts. 


  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage. 
  • Free domain for one year
  • Messenger live chat
  • Facebook link to submit posts
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Visitor marketing


This is a plan where you can do online sales and it is $9.99 a month after all discounts. It has all the features of the Unleashed plan plus:


  • Accepts online payments
  • Commission-free
  • Up to 100 products
  • Email notifications
  • Coupons and gift cards are available
  • Order tracking and inventory management
  • Shipping and tax management.

E-commerce Plus

This is structured for a growing business and is priced at $14.99 a month after all discounts. It includes everything in the previous plan but also has:


  • Unlimited products
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Multiple languages
  • Product filters
  • A shop on Facebook and an Instagram store
  • Products listed on Amazon

It is important to note that the discounts are offered to those who pay for a four-year plan in advance. If you shorten the commitment time, your prices will go substantially higher. That is especially true for E-commerce plans. 

Paying four years in advance will put your monthly rate at $9.99 a month but paying monthly will make it $22.99 every month on the eCommerce plan. The difference in prices on the Ecommerce Plus plan is $14.99 compared to $29.99 in monthly payments.

The Zyro site has 24/7 customer assistance available through chat support. The first thing is a bot will help you find information through the database once you type in a key term. The knowledge database is vast and many questions can be answered this way. 

However, you can also talk to a representative through the chatbox if the bot offers no solution. You must be logged into either a free or paid account to use the chat. If you aren’t logged in or have several questions, you can email them to customer service. Responses come a few hours later at times so it’s a bit of hit and miss.

There is no phone support team, but there is a strong knowledge base.

Is it easy to build a website with Zyro?

It is incredibly easy to build a website with this platform. Those who are uncomfortable with technology can answer a few questions and have the AI set the website into motion. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Are Zyro websites professional-looking?

Yes, Zyro has more than 100 templates in various categories so you can find the style you are looking for in your niche. It isn’t as customizable as other websites, but templates are clean and crisp. Other sites like Wix or Hostinger may have more options, but Zyro is a strong competitor.

How long are the contracts?

Contracting for a four-year paid plan will yield you the biggest discount and make your website super affordable. However, Zyro also has one-year, two-year, and monthly plans available.

Does Zyro offer a free trial or a free plan?

No, Zyro doesn’t offer either a free trial or a free plan. However, it is risk-free for all its plans because it does have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can I customize my site?

Customization options are limited at Zyro. That is the downside of having a platform that is so simple and easy to use.

Does Zyro have a good uptime?

Uptime is one of the most important aspects of being a good web hosting company. A monitoring tool was used to track Zyro’s uptime reliability over two weeks. Data shows that Zyro was remarkably stable over the two weeks without it going down at all. 

Other tests showed that Zyro loaded quickly on all types of devices showing it has reliability along with responsiveness. 

Generally, the part of a website that visitors will see first uploads in 790 milliseconds with the rest following. A standard website on Zyro will completely load in 3. 5 seconds. That meets Google’s recommendation for website speed. 

Zyro is noted for its performance across reviews, so it stands as highly reliable.