Last Updated on Jul 20, 2022

Pagecloud Review – 2022

  • Professionally-designed templates
  • Excellent customization and functionality
  • Easy-to-understand pricing schemes

Pagecloud is a modern webpage builder that features a ton of helpful tools that people can use to build websites and webpages from scratch, even if you don’t have experience in coding. If you are looking for a robust platform with easy-to-use drag-and-drop features, a WYSIWYG interface, and solid mobile layouts, Pagecloud is an excellent option. 

However, it does lack some features for e-Commerce stores, blogging, and analytics, but that does not mean that Pagecloud should be ignored. What it lacks in that area, it makes up for in its page builder features and ease of use. 

If you are in need of web development but don’t want to hire it out, check out this in-depth Pagecloud website builder review.


  • Professionally-designed templates
  • Excellent customization and functionality
  • Easy to understand pricing schemes
  • Easy to use with modern drag-and-drop editor
  • Excellent for collaboration as three people can work on building a site


  • You will need to customize templates for mobile
  • Add-ons require setting up multiple accounts with third-party sites
  • A little pricey for building simple websites
  • Connecting social media channels is buggy

Pagecloud is a website builder that allows you to effortlessly assemble a website, blog, or online store without learning how to code. It features a very intuitive platform, an exciting design and is one of the best ways to launch a website or passion project. 

It comes with all the essential e-commerce features that enable online store owners to do it all in one place, including design, building, landing pages, and integrations with common payment solutions like PayPal. 

You can also use this page builder for connecting with third-party selling platforms, such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon, and more. 

The company takes beginner and pro website building seriously, giving a chance for any creator of any skill level to create fully functioning websites for their e-Commerce stores, business sites, blogs, and more. In addition, they make sure that the website you create is high-performance, so you can find your voice, do what you want to do and do it best, and grow your business to make a living.

The platform makes building websites a lot quicker and enables you to use your limitless creativity when building a site that you are satisfied with. 

Although there are so many website builders in the market, Pagecloud stands out because of its very easy-to-use features. From the moment you sign up to the moment you publish and beyond. The Pagecloud site offers a very intuitive user interface that beginners can quickly get the hang of, especially if you are creative.

The stunning user interface provides an easy-to-navigate window, enabling you to be flexible with your page design, no matter what industry you are in. 

When looking for the right page builder for your website, blog, or online store, some of the first things you look at are the features, here is a list of Pagecloud’s best features, which is their primary selling point among beginners and pro web page builders. 

Web design templates

Pagecloud’s best feature is their web design DIY site builder. You can build your web page from scratch or start with one of their stunning professionally made templates that are at your disposal. Even without editing the templates, they look very good. However, fine-tuning each of the templates to match your business is easy to do.

It is built with 13 template groups with a total of 38 templates for your art and design, business, restaurant, blog, e-Commerce store, and more. Every default template looks very up-to-date and undoubtedly fresh, making your website look like it was created by a professional HTML coder. But the good thing about it is, you don’t even need to learn how to create source code at all to create professional-looking websites that can even drive leads to your business. 

Customization features

Aside from the stunning templates, another excellent feature that makes Pagecloud a success is their in-depth customization that allows you to create fine-tuned pages that work best for your website, no matter what industry you are in.

It features a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to add and remove elements effortlessly. Although beginners can use these features, it doesn’t mean that pro website builders cannot find a little excitement with these easy-to-use features. The customization is built for people who want to go all-out in creating in-depth elements for deeper customization. 

Suppose you are familiar with software such as photoshop. In that case, the website builder allows you to create layers, which is quite impressive considering Pagecloud is just a tiny builder that came out of nowhere. 

App integrations

Although Pagecloud lacks analytic features, it makes up for it in integration with big names such as Shopify, MailChimp, and Vimeo. You can also request an integration with some of the third-party apps you would like to use with Pagecloud. This requested feature is excellent proof that PageBuilder is committed to providing user satisfaction and support and commitment to grow as a web page builder platform. 

If you need to embed something from a third-party platform, you can easily do it, thanks to the wide selection of integrations with autoresponders, online store platforms, video and image platforms, and a lot more. 

The integrations include a lot of elements that can help the improvement of your business, including chat features, animations, fonts, 3D tours, maps, weather, forms, and documents. 

Embedding might be possible, but it can be quite tricky. However, the mere fact that it is possible to embed elements from different platforms is definitely a huge plus for Pagecloud.

e-Commerce features

Pagecloud is made for e-Commerce and online selling as the templates and customization options are built to curate your products in a way that makes them stand out. You can quickly display products and manage your inventory in the dashboard. Plus, you can allow customers to add products to their online shopping carts and checkout without any hassles. These e-Commerce features are an excellent way to make the most out of your business.

Pagecloud doesn’t only focus on tangible products, you can also use it to create a site for intangible services that you offer. You can set up an online service store, display your portfolio, capture new leads, and more. Plus, you can manage customer requests, create bookings, and estimate forms in an instant, giving you better options for managing your time. 

Mobile site builder

As mentioned in the cons section, Pagecloud templates do not automatically optimize the pages for mobile users. However, Pagecloud does come with one of the most powerful mobile site builders. The mobile web page builder enables users to design the mobile page in a specific way that other web builders can’t since they are automatically created. 

With this mobile site builder, you have a better chance of creating the experience you want your visitors to have whenever they are visiting your site using a mobile device, which is very important since over 69% of the population use mobile devices for shopping. 

Pagecloud comes with excellent security and there are hardly any threats going on with this page builder. The uptime is excellent and because of its top-notch security features, you can rest assured that the platform is stable and robust. The site hardly ever goes down, making it a very reliable option if you are in search of a secure and stable platform for building your websites. 

Excellent uptime

Whether you are building a page for your own business or for a client, uptime is important if you want to meet deadlines. It is a good thing that Pagecloud is a reliable platform that allows you to get into work mode without worrying about threats and malware creeping up and corrupting your site. 

Free SSL certificate

To ensure visitors that your site is secure, each plan comes with a free SSL certificate for your site without worrying about malware and viruses.

Learning about the price points of any software or SaaS is important to find out if it is worth it or not. With the excellent features and integrations of Pagecloud, you would expect the prices to be way up there. But surprisingly, it is quite affordable, considering the useful features that add value to the product. Here are the pricing plans for Pagecloud:

Note that the pricing plans are billed annually, and the prices will vary depending on your payment plans. 

Small Business Plan $19 per month

This startup plan allows you to build one site with 100 pages, 1TB bandwidth per month, 1,000 form submissions, two team members, and free use of Google Workspace, and a free custom domain name for your site. It also comes with expert chat support.

Business Plan $29 per month

This plan is their most popular plan. It comes with everything from the Small Business Plan, but with more submissions per month at 5,000 and up to 10 team members who can gain access to the site and dashboard.

Pro Plan $50 per month

If you really want to step up your webpage-building game and want to take your sites to the next level, the Pro Plan is probably your best bet. You can build up to 5 sites with unlimited pages, 2TB of bandwidth per month, 10,000 form submissions per month, with three team members. You also get expert chat support with priority response, free site migration services, and the ability to add more sites for as low as $16.67 a month for each site added. 

Pagecloud’s customer support is adequate for all plans. It comes with a chat tool on the page that allows you to connect with support specialists who are quite polite and address you by your name. Without priority response from the pro plan, it usually takes at least 30 minutes for them to respond, which is quite a while if you are experiencing difficulties that need to be resolved quickly. However, their support team is very helpful and true experts on the product. 

The company has a strong knowledge base and tutorials that users can reference too.

What comes with all the pricing plans?

All the pricing plans include customizable templates, galleries, blog features, app integrations, web hosting, and SSL security, a free custom domain name, customizable forms, and SEO tools.

What kind of analytic tools does Pagecloud offer?

It does not come with SEO analytic tools, but you add plugins and set up your own analytics with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and more. Pagecloud’s default SEO settings only include the essentials, such as batting page titles, changing URLs for pages, adding meta tags, and optimizing loading times for better lead generation.

Does Pagecloud offer SEO tools?

Yes. The tools are limited, but you do have access to metadata to help with both content management and SEO efforts.