Last Updated on November 29, 2022

Jimdo Review (2024)

  • Optimized for smartphones
  • Free images
  • No transaction fees

Jimdo is a website builder that requires no coding knowledge, is quick to set up, and is an affordable alternative for those on a budget. It also is ahead of the trend to implement an AI-based website builder.

The new editor helps you create a website in just three minutes by running you through a series of questions. It gathers the information while a virtual set-up wizard looks at all your Facebook and Google accounts for details and images to set up an initial draft of a website. 

It also has a drag-and-drop editor so practically anyone can use it with ease. It is perfect for those wanting a small business website or a blog. Jimdo users are usually those who want something basic with a sleek design without a lot of fuss in setup.


  • Optimized for smartphones
  • Free images
  • No transaction fees
  • Legal text generator


  • Limited creative control
  • Limited SEO
  • Some codes don’t match US
  • Slow for customer support

Founded in 2007, Jimdo is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, and also has offices in Tokyo and Munich. It provides services to 489,000 websites globally.

Its products offer flexible layouts and themed designs for a variety of shops and blogs. It has some extra features for those who use it for an online store like scheduling a local pickup, booking appointments, or utilizing third-party metrics like Google Analytics.

  • The AI platform
  • No commission fee
  • Good theme gallery
  • Mobile optimization

The Jimdo website builder eliminates the need for a web designer and helps any novice create a site in a few minutes by answering some basic questions. You will select things like colors and fonts and a preview will be ready in a few clicks. 

You can add more elements by adding a block and choosing from a number of things including images, text, and even multiple-grid slideshows. The drag-and-drop interface also saves time and makes building a website fun and enjoyable.

Those who want more customization can add different blocks and elements, but that’s where the creativity ends.

You can use Jimdo to set up an eCommerce business. In fact, Jimdo is unique in the world of website building tools in that it doesn’t charge commission or transaction fees on your online store so you get to keep all your profits. Most only allow that on the most expensive tiers. 

This website building tool has a solid template library with many already customized for your industry or blog niche. Having a theme that is already customized for your type of niche is helpful, especially when you are new to websites. 

Mobile optimization is one of the most important things in building a website today. Practically everyone is on their phones and uses them to browse and find products and services. Having a website that looks good on mobile devices, including phones and tablets, can lead to more customers while a non-responsive site will lose you customers.

Secure and encrypted HTTPS format

All websites with Jimdo are encrypted in the HTTPS format for security. This allows website owners to have certifications showing they are legitimate and secure. It also protects your customers who use debit or credit cards to pay online for your products and services.

Stores some information to prevent fraud

Jimdo has an extensive privacy policy and states it stores some information as is necessary to prevent fraud and protect website owners and their customers. It also has some tracking to personalize your experience and which can also be used to prevent security breaches and fraud.

Participates in Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Jimdo participates with the security community to find areas that are weak and vulnerable to breaches through the Vulnerability Disclosure Program. This program allows a third-party company to use professional hackers to test the platform for weakness and report vulnerabilities to the company.

Jimdo is one of the cheapest website-building tools on the market. It has free plans with some advertising banners at the bottom and premium plans that contain no advertising. The free plan, called the Play plan, is an easy way to test out the web building tool. It has some basic design templates but is really simple with no frills. 

There are two paid plans available with Jimdo. The Start plan is $9 a month while the Grow plan is $15 a month.

Both Jimdo plans include: 

  • A free domain name for a year
  • A maximum of 10 pages
  • The complete image library
  • Advanced SEO tools

Those who opt for the growth plan get some additional features including social marketing across several platforms including Facebook Pixel.

Jimdo’s support doesn’t have the best reputation and is a bit lacking. It doesn’t offer live chat or phone support but does offer help through email, a knowledge base, social media, and FAQ sections. 

Answers are concise and helpful but it takes one to two days to receive a response. The knowledge base is especially helpful and includes a mix of videos, tutorials, and pictures to help you understand the issue and solve problems without the help of a support team member. 

The Help Center button is in the editor’s top right corner. It immediately opens to users’ most common questions and answers. This saves time rather than trying to write to explain your technology issues because many answers may already be there. 

Is Jimdo legit?

Yes, Jimdo is a legitimate website-building tool based in Germany. It uses AI and drag-and-drop features to help those not familiar with website building get their site up and running in minutes. It has a number of apps and features, Jimdo pricing is affordable, and small business owners like it because it’s user-friendly.

Is Jimdo better than other more well-known website building tools?

Jimdo has comparable features to many other affordable website building tools and is easier to use than many other better-known website builders like Weebly, Squarespace, or Wix. 

Some of the more popular builders use CMS, which requires some coding knowledge. requires no coding knowledge.

Does the free website plan have any catches?

Does the free website plan have any catches?
The free plan offered by Jimdo offers reliable and secure hosting services for creating a professional website, along with features needed to create a sleek website design. There aren’t any hidden charges or unknown catches in the free plans. 

The free plans do have advertising on your site in banners at the bottom of your page. They also don’t offer as many features as the paid plans but offer enough to develop a creative new website.

After a year, you’ll need to pay for your own domain or any subdomains that you have.

Can I edit my site on my mobile device?

Can I edit my site on my mobile device?
Jimdo is incredibly mobile-friendly. Users of this website building tool can use mobile apps to build, edit and manage their own websites. However, users can’t do complicated edits and uploads on mobile devices. 

This feature is best used for downloading images and adding new posts.

What is the difference between the Creator and Dolphin building tools?

Jimdo does have two different building tools: Jimdo Creator and Jimdo Dolphin. Both products are made by Jimdo but there are differences in how they interact with the site builder. 

Creator allows you to build the website yourself. Jimdo has plenty of templates to get you started and all of them allow you to bring in other features. Those include background videos, a blog, and galleries. You can also bring in an online store. 

Dolphin is the AI website creation tool that’s known for its ease of use. It asks you several questions about your site and then the AI program builds it for you using your answers and social media information it gathers and pulls.

Both products offer the same features as far as customizing your site and both are offered in the same pricing plans. 

Can I add widgets to my Jimdo website?

Can I add widgets to my Jimdo website?
Yes, you can add widgets to your website with Jimdo but it isn’t the easiest thing to do and you will need to know some code. You can add HTML with widgets. Then, you can drag and drop them onto pages. A second option is to drop them into the head section of your web pages.

Is Jimdo good for bloggers?

Yes, Jimdo is a good platform for bloggers. It allows you to edit URLs, schedule posts, and install sharing buttons for social media. 

You can allow reader comments by either offering Disqua for advanced features like discussion threads. Users can also use the built-in system within the Jimdo site but that is more work.

Blogs on Jimdo are compatible with Facebook’s commenting system and blogs can be archived or categorized with tags and categories.

The Jimdo blogging features are most admired by basic users over professional website builders. The one thing the website builder omits is the ability for multiple contributors to use it. It is made for one blogger only.

There also isn’t a widget to embed blog content on other site pages. Experts said Jimdo used to have one but doesn’t anymore. That makes it complicated to embed the content elsewhere.

Can I export or import content with Jimdo?

No, you can’t export or import content or products with Jimdo. It is a major drawback. However, users should understand that the website builder tool is for beginners rather than professionals who would do a lot of importing and exporting content and products. 

This can be an annoying lack of functions but most Jimdo customers can live without this function as they are building a website from scratch.

Can I change templates later?

Yes, you can switch to another template later on. When you first start on Jimdo, you are given around 16 templates that fit your category. You choose one of these to start your website but can choose from around 40 later if you decide this website isn’t working for you.

This allows you to think about the different looks before you make a final decision.

Another advantage of Jimdo is you can change templates without losing content. That is helpful to website-building novices who would want to experiment with different looks. Jimdo is perfect for that purpose.

Those who are more experienced can build their own template using Jimdo’s design kit as long as you know the code. The design kit is a set of tools that helps you code your own template.