About Namechk

Namechk is a free username and domain search tool. We’re the fastest and most efficient way for you to search for your desired username across hundreds of social networks and domain extension - all at once.

Users can sort results in many different ways, including only available networks, by rank and developer-focused networks. Once you’ve sorted your results, you can download to a CSV file in order to guide your registration process.

Namechk was originally founded in 2009 by David Gosse. Jeremy Woertink, a Las Vegas full-stack developer, is Technical Co-Founder.

David gosse

David Gosse CEO

Jeremy woertink

Jeremy Woertink CTO

In mid-2015, Jeremy rebuilt the code base and developed a custom API for use on other websites and apps.

Namechk Founder David Gosse explains why he wanted to build Namechk: “I’m an idea guy, so I’m constantly looking for new brand names. I needed the all-in-one search view that Namechk eventually offered and I wanted it to be free for anyone to use.”

Those looking to provide username and domain search on their own website can utilize Namechk’s new API. The full-featured API is just $0.00 per month for up to 100 requests, and pricing scales up from there.

David and Jeremy are looking to partner with other services that would integrate into the site, such as incorporation, trademarking, social media management and similar options that would benefit individuals, brands and businesses. If you are interested in partnering, please contact us.

If you have feedback or input for the developers of namechk.com please follow us on Twitter and send us a tweet. We look forward to user input and will continue to add more sites that we check and additional features over time. You can also suggest new sites to be added to the list.

FAQ and frequent complaints...

Q. Your site says my name is available, but when I try to register it, they tell me it's not.

A. Honestly, this sucks, but there's not much we can do. What most likely happened is someone used to have that username, and they violated the TOS aggreement of that site. That site probably deleted the username, and won't release it. If you own a trademark for that name, you can contact the site directly to get that username released.

Q. Your site says my name is available, but I already own it. It should show as taken.

A. Oops! That's definitely a bug then. These sites can change how they work at any time without letting us know. Unless we're spending every waking moment checking, we have no idea. Please report that to our support@namechk.com and let us know which site, and what your username is. We will try to get that fixed ASAP.

Q. I have a site, can you add it on here?

A. Possibly... If it's a social media site where users can publically register for an account that has a username, then yes! If your site is just an online store, or some blog, then no.

Q. How come all of the sites are showing as green/red?

A. Well, all green means there's an error on our end. Shoot a tweet to @namechk and let us know. If it's all red, then there's an error.... Either way, just shoot us a tweet. We answer those really quick.

Q. I signed up but it's not what I thought. Can I get a refund?

A. Really? ... Did you not see all the signs that said "Developer"? We're not unreasonable though. We can do a refund, but there's a $5 fee for it.

Q. Are you hiring more developers?

A. You see those 2 pictures above? That's our company! If we start expanding, we'll make an announcement for sure.

Q. I tried to register my usernames, but was told they couldn't be registered. What can I do?

A. We're sorry for that. We will give you credits towards registering other usernames. This will allow you to try some alternatives without having to pay more.

Q. If you're unable to register any of my usernames, will I be charged?

A. Technicall, yes, but we have no issues giving you a refund or free credits for future use. Just contact us, and we will work something out.

Q. My username was available before registering, but you only registered on some sites.

A. A lot can happen on the internet in just a few short minutes. The name was probably available a few minutes ago, and now it's not. We will retry, or just give you some credits towards registering some other names.

You can also contact us with any questions or comments.

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