Last Updated on November 29, 2022

GreenGeeks Review (2023)

  • Eco-friendly web hosting provider
  • Excellent uptime up to 99.95%
  • Reliable chat support


“GreenGeeks” is a geek for the environment. People don’t usually think about environmental concerns when it comes to looking for web hosting companies. However, it might be the time to make the switch. GreenGeeks is a green hosting platform that uses renewable energy, including wind energy, to operate, which reduces its carbon footprint.


  • Excellent uptime up to 99.95%
  • Decent loading times
  • Eco-friendly web hosting provider
  • Reliable chat support
  • Email accounts and phone support included
  • Free domain
  • Free backups
  • Free site builder
  • Free site migration



  • It comes with a hefty renewal price
  • The refund policy is questionable and not as streamlined as other 30-day money-back guarantees
  • The pricing plan is a little bit misleading
  • Does not provide Windows server hosting
  • If you want a dedicated VPS hosting option, the price is significantly higher
  • Reseller hosting is available but reviews say the service is hit or miss

First of all, GreenGeeks is best for people who care for the environment. Large companies can claim that they care for the environment just by using this service, which might be just a marketing scheme. However, in terms of technological requirements, GreenGeeks caters to many users because of its uptime guarantee, superb reliability, and a plethora of valuable add-ons. It might not have the more advanced features for developers, but it is still an excellent option for people who want to build a website from scratch using their free site builder. 

GreenGeeks is for people who can commit to their plans. Their commitment to using green and renewable energy comes with extra costs. Although other web hosting services like BlueHost or GoDaddy are more popular than GreenGeeks, some people don’t mind paying extra to save the environment and reduce carbon emissions. The bottom line is, GreenGeeks is an excellent eco-friendly service that is best for people who don’t mind paying more if it is for the greater good.

Cleaner and greener might come with a price, but that is not the only thing it comes with; GreenGeeks comes with many robust features and a couple of extra ones that are worth mentioning. These features will definitely become helpful for you as you build your site from the ground up. Here is a list of all the features you might be interested in:


GreenGeeks provides users with cPanel as the primary web hosting configuration panel. Many people are used to this, making it a lot easier for them to adjust if they migrated from a different hosting service. With cPanel, you can install content management systems and blogging platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, to name a few.  

Free migration service

Website migration is normal in the world of tech, which is why GreenGeeks offers free migration from your former web host. It is effortless to migrate your libraries, and anyone can do it—even the non-tech-savvy individuals. They will teach and support users through every step of the process to avoid downtime as they switch web hosting.

Free one-year domain registration

Not all web hosting providers offer a free domain name, so if you decide to take advantage of it—you will automatically get a custom domain name instead of looking for a separate website. Take note that the domain name is only free for the first year. 

Free website builder tool

If you are a beginner and have no idea how to write code, it doesn’t matter because GreenGeeks has a website builder that is free to use. It is fully customizable, and the only limit is your creativity. 

GreenGeeks is a friendly hosting service that’ll help you with your website or online business. Their scalable Linux-based hosting solutions come in different price points that allow you to upgrade as your website grows. If your small business started with the most basic plan, you can switch and upgrade your plan in case your website or e-commerce store grows more prominent for the initial plan to handle. 

If you are wondering what services you can expect if you sign up for GreenGeeks, you have a choice between various GreenGeeks plans, such as:

  • Shared hosting accounts
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • WordPress hosting, along with a ton of bonus features

Shared hosting plans 

The shared hosting package is the most affordable option. It allows a couple of features suitable for a startup that needs minimum requirements, such as SSD storage space. It might be the cheapest plan, but it still comes with a free SSL, free CDN, and a one-year custom domain name. 

VPS hosting

GreenGeeks customers can opt for a VPS plan, which provides a little bit more than just web hosting. This plan is the ideal choice if you want root access to the server and better control. Plus, the VPS hosting plan offers more tools for website creation and development. This plan includes advanced tools and full knowledge of much disk space, RAM, and bandwidth you have left to use. 

Dedicated hosting package 

This premium plan allows you to use a dedicated server for your website, which provides excellent speeds. It is one of the most expensive plans, but you’re not sharing server space with other sites either. 

WordPress optimized hosting plans

Aside from these packages, you can also find a fully optimized package for resellers and a package that is best for WordPress. These plans allow one-click WordPress installation and automatic updates. The prices for this pro plan vary depending on the features you choose. has solid uptime performance, and that is one of the most crucial factors when choosing your web host. You want your site up and running all the time for your visitors, and there are not a lot of problems with GreenGeeks when it comes to this aspect. 

In terms of speed, GreenGeeks loading page times clocked around 487 Ms., which is above average. Visitors and customers are very impatient these days, and slow loading times can definitely ruin their experience. It’s a good thing that GreenGeeks does not disappoint in both uptime and speed—so we are off to a good start.

Aside from its excellent performance, GreenGeeks has a lot more to offer, such as useful features and security. Each plan provides nightly backups, which is a big deal if your site suddenly gets compromised due to an error with the code or because of malicious threats. Having your data backed up will definitely allow you to sleep better at night, knowing that your website is backed up every night.

The server locations also play a significant role in improving the service and its performance and reliability. The servers are located in high-quality areas; Chicago, USA, Montreal in Canada, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Choosing the server’s geographical location can affect the overall speeds, and these are the top locations for data centers. Plus, their eco-friendly hardware is the most up-to-date piece of tech, which makes it a faster and more reliable service.

All the servers are monitored 24/7, deploying firewall systems designed to stop hacking attempts and provide further protection against DDoS attacks and other website vulnerabilities. And you can block suspicious IP addresses and have access to the Spam assassin tool with the VPS hosting plans or higher.

The most basic plan already offers a lot, but it can cost up to $35 a month. However, you can lock in with GreenGeeks and get lower prices when you commit to 1 to 3 years of sticking with the service. The other plans will cost more but will have more features, such as free SSL certificates and a dedicated IP address. The website might show you a low price, but it does take years before reaching that price shown on their website—which is definitely misleading.

GreenGeeks offer a 24/7 support team. Their chat service provides quick and concise answers. If you don’t need to talk to anyone, you can check the FAQs. And if you prefer to speak with someone on the phone, you can also call their 24/7 support line. A strong knowledge base full of tutorials is online for customers to reference as well.

What makes GreenGeeks the sustainable choice?

Server farms produce 2% of the world’s carbon emissions. While many people think that going fully electric and cloud-based is the better choice, in reality, 2% of the world’s carbon emission is a big deal. It is the same amount of carbon emission that the airline industry produces.

Imagine how many planes take flight every minute, the answer is many. GreenGeeks decreases their carbon emissions by 300% by using carbon-reducing renewable energy sources to power their servers.

Does GreenGeeks have servers in Asia?

No, GreenGeeks does not have a server in Asia at the moment. They have two servers in the United States, two in Canada, and one in Holland. However, because of its steady-growing pace, we wouldn’t be surprised if more servers open up in the near future.

Is GreenGeeks a suitable option for creating websites from scratch?

There are several ways to create and manage websites with GreenGeeks. You can install WordPress and customize the site with themes or by downloading site builder plugins, or you can use some of the most popular web builders in the market. You can also launch cPanel and manually code your website– but because of its software integration features, you can do it without knowing how to write a single line of code.

All you’re going to need is a sense of creativity for better possibilities with your web design. With cPanel, you can also get access to the SitePad web builder, which is an easy-to-use program for beginner site builders.

What is the GreenGeeks’ uptime rate?

We weren’t very surprised that GreenGeeks had 100% uptime after doing several tests. Because they use state-of-the-art technology and charge higher premiums, you should definitely expect nothing less from them.