Last Updated on November 29, 2022

Liquid Web Review (2024)

  • Fully managed hosting
  • Customizable
  • Not as many fees as competitors

Liquid Web has a reputation as one of the best and most reliable web hosting companies in the industry, although it isn’t the cheapest. The company now covers 130 countries and provides web hosting services to 30,000 customers. It also boasts of one of the highest loyalty rates of all web hosting providers in the industry and continues to grow its customer base.


  • Fully managed hosting
  • Customizable
  • Not as many fees as competitors



  • Higher pricing
  • No free ad credits

Liquid Web can be the right solution for small to medium businesses that want e-commerce stores, a stronger website presence, and mission-critical sites. It can be a good choice for digital agencies, developers, and designers who want a higher premium, professional website.

It isn’t the right choice for those wanting a personal webpage or those on a limited budget and who are constantly concerned about finances.

Liquid Web’s advantages come as part of paying for premium hosting solutions. There are many pluses to this, but remember they will come at a higher cost than the basic services at other companies. Some of the pros and cons are listed below. 


  • It offers fully managed hosting: This means you will never be alone nor will you have to figure out what is best for you. You have someone, a dedicated account manager, who becomes accustomed to your site and works with your computer gurus to provide you with a seamless hosting experience. You will not need to remember to do an update or provide a security patch. Liquid Web does it for you. It will also update any WordPress plugins on your website every night. It also tests your site to protect it from plugin vulnerabilities. 
  • It’s customizable: This is a one-way Liquid Web that is better than the competition. It offers website owners ways to customize their plans and prepare for growth. That includes reseller hosting, e-commerce site protection, and making sure you have PCI and HIPAA compliance. Hosting reviews mention customization as one of the biggest benefits.
  • It doesn’t have fees others have: Liquid Web doesn’t have controls that other similar web hosting companies implement. That means it doesn’t have over-usage fees or metered page fees. It also doesn’t have traffic limits and there are no plugin restrictions. 
  • It has free image optimization: This is a plugin that does a lot to improve page speed. Page loading speed is always a good thing because customers can abandon sites that don’t have fast loading times.


  • Pricing is higher than other web hosting companies: Liquid Web has a higher price tag to start on its web hosting service than other companies so it may not be the right company for those just starting an online presence. However, those who have a more flexible budget may find the extra focus on them and their websites advantageous in growing their business and presence.
  • It doesn’t offer any free ad credits: This company doesn’t offer a lot in terms of free things and doesn’t have any free ad credits like other web hosting services offer. However, there are coupons available on various review websites that can save money.

It has a fast page speed

There is no compromise of site performance for Liquid Web customers. The company has solid-state drives (SSD storage) on all its servers, which is a hefty investment but also increases performance. 

The result is pages load much faster than with other web hosting companies and to be far more reliable.

It has an uptime guarantee

Liquid Web hosting is unusual compared to other web hosting companies because it offers a 100% network and power uptime promise, above the 99.99% standard for the industry. (That’s virtually zero downtime).

It has bonuses included for those who opt for managed WordPress hosting plans. They include things like free website transfers, unlimited visitors, and free SSD (solid-state drive).

Lots of attention

Liquid Web will appoint one person to your account so you will have their undivided attention both in setting up your account and managing it. From registering a domain name to selecting a hosting plan, you will not be forced to do it alone.

Liquid Web has four options when it comes to hosting types so all needs can be met as your online business grows. They include the following:

VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

This is a better version of a shared hosting plan. A shared plan means people share a server for all their websites. While this is a cheap option, it also means less bandwidth and space for all those on the server. 

A VPS hosting plan is when a physical server still hosts multiple websites but each has its own space and bandwidth under the plan. Under the managed VPS plan, each website has its pool of resources to draw from where those on the shared web hosting platform all draw from the same pool. 

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers can be expensive but are well worth the cost for those who have a lot of website traffic or who have a large e-commerce store. It’s great for small businesses because they have the entire server at their disposal. 

Dedicated servers offer high performance and are the most secure of all the options. That’s because there is no other website competing for resources or limited resources divided as they can be under the VPS plan.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is relatively new in the web host industry because of its cost savings and security, with free SSL certificates. It means a site is hosted by an entire network of Liquid Web servers. You are on a distributed network and there are some advantages to that. 

Cloud hosting has incredible reliability because your site is always accessible even if the network fails for any reason. You will never have to rebuild your site if something happens. 

Cloud hosting also tends to offer more in terms of storage and performance than other options. 

Specialty hosting

Some resources aren’t offered any other way than through specialty hosting. That largely depends on the amount of traffic you have. Specialty hosting may also help boost performance. You may not care much about that just starting, but you will need to consider it when you start planning your growth.

Liquid Web customers give high marks for performance and reliability. It has an average of a one-second load time, but the speed of upload gets faster when you look at the individual data centers and the geographic regions they cover. 

For instance, the US Central Region has 615 milliseconds uploads and the US-West Region has a 330 millisecond upload time. The EU-Central Region has an 867 millisecond time. 


  • The company has privately owned and operated core data centers with more than 25,000 servers. 
  • Performance is monitored every day, all year. 
  • HTTP/2 is available that increases site speed, boosts performance, and assists with site security.
  • Add-ons can provide enhanced performance.

Liquid Web offers top-notch website security that anyone would expect with more premium services. 

All data centers are constantly monitored 27/7/365. Only authorized technical staff can go into server control rooms and Liquid Web also has an on-site security guard at those facilities with constant camera surveillance 

Liquid Web has a CSF Firewall as a default on all servers and SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layers), which comes standard with all managed WordPress site hosting plans. That means checkouts on your e-commerce site are secure. 

The company also has automatic nightly site backups that come free. 

There are five plans available with The main differences are in disk space and bandwidth. 

  • Personal WordPress Plan: The price for this is $69 a month. This comes with 30 GB SSD, and 5 TB of bandwidth.
  • Managed WooCommerce Plan: The price for this e-commerce plan is $39 monthly. This WooCommerce hosting plan offers disk space for unlimited products and has bandwidth for 150 transactions a month. 
  • Cloud VPS: This plan is $59 monthly. This plan features 50 GB SSD and 10 TB of bandwidth. 
  • Cloud Dedicated: This plan is $189 a month. It features 8 GB of RAM and 2X1 TB SATA RAID 1 bandwidth and a customizable control panel.
  • Private Cloud: This is the most expensive option at $2,499 a month. This features 128 GB of RAM and 2.5 TB SAN in bandwidth and the highest level of customization and functionality.

Liquid Web support gets rave user reviews. It is different from other companies because both those interested in setting up a hosting account as well as paying customers to get access to the support team, including phone or live chat support. 

The company also has an excellent support ticket system for paying customers to get help by email. Response time is usually within an hour or two. It has more than 100 Red Hat Certified experts, meaning every customer or potential customer deals with a highly knowledgeable person. There’s a knowledge base too, with great tutorials, which complements customer support.

Is Liquid Web a suitable service for small businesses and start-ups?

Liquid Web is not a cheap service, meaning it is also not a very good choice for start-ups trying to maximize their spending. Because of its comprehensive service and unavailability of shared web hosting, you might want to pass on LiquidWeb for the time being.

Liquid Web is an excellent web hosting service for large-scale businesses that can afford to pay higher premiums. Although they still offer VPS Hosting, which is slightly more affordable– we still wouldn’t recommend it for smaller businesses.

What does Liquid Web’s dedicated web hosting service mean?

Dedicated web hosting is the most robust and most reliable type of web hosting, and Liquid Web does an outstanding job– providing subscribers with the best experience with their dedicated hosting plans. In addition, your website can get 100% of your server’s resources, giving you ultra-fast loading times using up to 32-core processors and solid-state drives.

Is Liquid Web suitable for WordPress sites?

With CMS preinstalled, Liquid Web’s managed hosting environment is designed for WordPress and all of its plugins. Each plan offers comprehensive WordPress hosting plans that include one-click installs, access to hundreds of WordPress plugins and apps, and automatic updates for easy site management.

How do Liquid Web’s Reseller Web Hosting packages work?

If you want your blog or website to become affiliated with Liquid Web without having to manage servers and bandwidth, you should definitely check out their Reseller Web Hosting Packages. You can choose the dedicated VPS reseller package that allows you to rent servers, use your own branding on them, and sell the same high-end plans to your own customers.

In addition, it will use LiquidWeb’s security, fast hard drives, and 24/7 customer support. With all of its inclusions, it is easy to convince people you want to sell the service to.