Last Updated on November 29, 2022

SiteGround Review (2024)

  • High-speed web host because of high-end hardware
  • Choose your server location
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Very user-friendly

When it comes to different hosting options, SiteGround is an excellent choice for versatility. If you need dedicated servers, WordPress hosting, or cloud hosting, SiteGround might be the platform you are looking for. 

In this review, you will find out everything there is to know about SiteGround, including what to expect, all of its most notable features, reliability, customer service, and security.


  • High-speed web host because of its high-end hardware
  • Nearly 100% uptime
  • Free website builder
  • You can choose your server location
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Very user-friendly
  • Offers unlimited website traffic
  • Advanced features
  • Allow collaborators



  • A little expensive
  • Migrating from a previous host is not free
  • It doesn’t include a free domain name and does not sell domains
  • The database size might be an issue for larger websites
  • The site builder isn’t as intuitive as those offered by competitors 

Because SiteGround is a versatile platform that offers a ton of advanced features and hosting options, it is a viable option for a lot of businesses. If you are serious about growing an online business, this platform might be for you. 

However, because of aspects such as pricing, it might not be a good option for a hobby blog and other non-monetized websites—especially if you don’t want to spend too much. Of all the web hosting companies, SiteGround is excellent for:

  • Online stores or e-commerce endeavors
  • First-time website creators
  • Affiliate blogs
  • Professional blogs and bloggers
  • Corporate websites
  • Developers and designers
  • People looking for features such as staging
  • Any person looking for a high-performance platform with excellent customer support

It’s not recommended for hobby blogs that are looking for cheap hosting or for people who need a ton of web space but are not looking to pay too much.

With excellent performance and reliability, you already know that SiteGround will include a ton of useful features depending on your needs. Let’s check out some of its most notable features and find out if they are fit for your website’s requirements. 

SiteGround is recognized worldwide, and because of the features, the platform offers, even WordPress users and WooCommerce users highly recommend this web hosting service to users. SiteGround is also a partner of popular theme providers,  which is clear evidence that the company is on its way to become a household name. 


Supercacher is one of its best features. It is an excellent feature that increases the number of visitors the site can handle without compromising load times. And it’s included in all SiteGround plans. It also features other tools that can further improve speed, such as the newest edition of MySQL and Ultrafast PHP.

Instead of cPanel, SiteGround uses an in-house control panel for configuration and site tools. With one program to customize the site, you can work more efficiently. However, many users want to stick to the programs they already know. 

Real-time monitoring

Another notable feature would be SiteGround’s real-time monitoring. Without any intervals, you can track server issues in real-time, making problem detection and solutions quicker for a better user experience. 


This tool makes loading times quicker, even when the visitor has slow internet speed. High-speed CDNS help too.

SG Optimizer

This WordPress plugin includes several features that provide a better performance, and it is exclusive only to SiteGround users. 

Brotli compression algorithm

It is a next-gen compression algorithm that can significantly reduce data size without losing quality, making visitor downloads faster.

Backup feature

SiteGround’s daily backup feature is seamlessly integrated into the system, making it run smoother without running into too many issues.

WordPress tools

SiteGround is built-in with various WordPress site tools, such as the Starter Plugin that guides beginners on installing and setting up WordPress for their site. It also has advanced WordPress website tools for creating staging areas and of the advanced functionality you would expect. WordPress installation is also streamlined.

SiteGround hosting offers three hosting plans that adjust to the requirements of most users. If you have a large website, these plans may not suit you because of their database size. It is not the best option for sites with over 100,000 users. However, speed, reliability, and five-star SiteGround support teams are all there.

If you sign up with one of their plans, expect to receive 24-hour phone, email, and chat support. In hosting reviews, small businesses say the response times are fairly quick. 

SiteGround uses SSD disks with expansive disk space and has its own caching system to make your website run at lightning speeds, which is always excellent for businesses and customer satisfaction. 

Plus, SiteGround also has databases and unlimited email accounts, unlimited traffic, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their services, you can get your money back within 30 days. 

StartUp Plan

The StartUp plan is an excellent choice for small-to-medium websites. If you need less space (under 10GB), this plan includes the cache service to make your website faster. However, advanced features like staging and innovative on-demand backup systems are not a part of this basic plan. Still, it is a pretty good plan if you don’t need these advanced features. 

GrowBig Plan 

If you need more advanced features on top of the caching systems, more storage space, unlimited domains, and support for white-label hosting—you can try the GrowBig and GoGeek hosting packages. They might not have a significantly huge amount of storage like other platforms, but SiteGround makes up for it with its ultrafast speeds and integrations with popular tools like Google Cloud. Besides, some websites don’t really need a lot of memory. So if you are looking for unlimited storage for a lower price, there are better choices than SiteGround. 

SiteGround doesn’t break its plans up by shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller, or dedicated hosting because they believe the terms are a bit confusing, but all of the options are available.

When it comes to reliability, SiteGround is at the top of its game and exceeds all expectations. The uptime is nearly 100%, meaning users would rarely have a problem or issues with the site crashing, causing user disruption, or downtime in business. 

Server speeds

The company uses high-end equipment such as using SSDs instead of HDDs for storage, and you can expect faster loading speeds with its extensive server resources. In addition, it also offers a caching system.

Easy to learn

SiteGround is very intuitive, enabling users to learn how to navigate the backend without getting lost within the pages. Installing apps and plugins, such as WordPress, ZenCart, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal, is easy and fast as well. 

Multiple server locations

Their server locations are spread out with many scattered across Europe, U.S., Australia, and Singapore; meaning you can choose one closest to you for even faster speeds, bandwidth, and reliability. Data centers provide additional support too.

SiteGround features real-time problem detection that allows users to detect the threat and solve whatever issue before it crashes your site. Unlike other web hosting services without real-time threat detection, you don’t have to wait for intervals to discover if there are malicious threats and activities happening to your website. 

Aside from SiteGround’s real-time security and threat detection, they also offer free SSL certificates for your website. These certificates are a requirement, especially with web browsers that actively warn visitors to stay away from unsecured sites. An SSL helps protect sensitive visitor information such as credit card information.

SiteGround is an excellent web hosting service with unparalleled performance, features, and reliability, and these advantages definitely come with a price. The StartUp Plan, which is one of SiteGround’s shared hosting plans, costs $4.99 for the first month and $14.99 after renewal, but this plan does not include the more advanced features.

If you want higher storage and advanced tools, you will have to upgrade to the GrowBig plan and GoGeek plans, which are priced at $24.99 and $39.99 per month, respectively. Although the prices are a bit steep, you can definitely get your money back within 30 days if you don’t think the service is a good fit.

One of SiteGround’s best offers is their 24/7 call, email, and live chat support service. Unlike other web hosting services, this perk is included with all the plans. Their technical support representatives are accommodating and always there to answer your queries and fix any issues at any time of the day. You can tell that the customer service team is trained well about the service, which provides priority support. Online tutorials and a strong knowledge base are helpful for self-serve assistance.

How does SiteGround’s free WordPress migration work?

Although it offers free WordPress Migration, the process is not automated, which scares some users. Anything can go wrong with migrating your WordPress data from a previous host, and it could even lead to ruining your website if you don’t create a backup. However, it is surprisingly elementary to migrate data with SiteGround compared to other options.  All you need to do is install a free plugin that allows you to migrate your files in a matter of a few clicks.

Is SiteGround suitable for beginners?

SiteGround is relatively easy to use, and it offers suitable plans for beginners and new businesses. With that being said, it is quite suitable for beginner bloggers, website owners, and web developers. Beginners can install easy-to-use website builders that allow them to design websites from scratch using a straightforward drag-and-drop feature. However, it also comes with features that are more suitable for advanced users in higher-tier plans.

What happens if the guaranteed uptime dips below the threshold?

Under SiteGround’s service level agreement, they guarantee a network uptime of 99.99%. And if it ever dips below that, you will get compensated for free months of hosting. This statement shows how confident they are with their technology, which also makes users optimistic that their website will stay online for their visitors and customers.

How does SiteGround’s 30-day money-back guarantee work?

Just like most web hosting companies, SiteGround also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, it can be a little misleading because you will not get your money back entirely. Domain name fees and extras are not included with the refund, which is kind of disappointing. You may get to use the domain name when you decide to switch, but the extra fees add up to a higher cost that is nonrefundable. You should also know that the refund is only applicable to new customers, and it does not apply to renewal plans.