Last Updated on November 29, 2022

WP Engine Review (2024)

  • Real-time threat detection and security
  • Choose between Amazon web services or Google Cloud Platform cloud hosting.
  • Flexible price hosting plans
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


When it comes to web hosting, WP Engine is one of the first services that come to mind. It has excellent uptime with reliable customer service in the rarest possibilities that you need assistance. With plans that cater to website startups and experienced webpage owners– it is a genuinely versatile platform and offers WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting. Aside from its excellent reliability, website owners will also appreciate its useful features such as real-time threat direction, state-of-the-art security, and other premium hosting features.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Performs daily backups
  • Real-time threat detection and security
  • Outstanding uptime, little downtime
  • Let’s you choose between Amazon web services or Google Cloud Platform cloud hosting.
  • Unlimited web traffic
  • Flexible price hosting plans
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy-to-run website speed tests 
  • Users can set up a managed WordPress host 



  • It does not sell custom domain names
  • No email services
  • There are much cheaper sites for small blogs
  • The Startup Plan has limited phone support

WP Engine is an excellent choice for creating a passive income channel. Since it is a managed hosting service, people don’t need to actively operate or manage their website– giving them a straightforward hands-off experience. 

WP Engine is not recommended for blogs with limited traffic per month since there are some cheaper web hosting providers that perform just as well as WP Engine. If your website gets only a few thousand visitors per month, WP Engine’s prices might be a little steep for maximizing your profit. However, if you own a fast-growing startup, this platform might be your best choice. 

If you want to experience WP Engine’s technical aspects and premium features without doing most of the work– this platform is one of the best options for site performance, security, backup, migrations, optimization, and cloud platform flexibility. 

There are WP Engine plans for beginners, but the premium plans are much better, especially if you plan on creating a WordPress site from scratch. And because of its excellent staging site and staging environment, it is also a superb choice for developers who want to create, launch, and sell a WordPress site made from scratch.  

Expect the freedom to build and develop a WordPress site from scratch with WordPress host options and additional features, such as:

Quick and easy migrations 

With WP Engine, migrating your data from an existing host is very straightforward. Without a lot of technical knowledge, it offers a migration plugin that migrates your data from your current site to the new hosting platform, also importing your database and replacing domain values.

SSL and CDN 

A free SSL certificate, which is essential in protecting your site and making your site trustworthy. Plus, you will also get free access to the global content delivery network (CDN), which allows your users to enjoy faster load times even during peak traffic; giving them a pleasant experience. 

Automated backups

To protect your data, WP Engine is designed to automatically back up your website daily. It is an automated process, but you can also do it manually. (This isn’t an add-on like it is with other competitors).

Automated functions

Some of its automated features include automated backup, migration, and other operations that allow website owners to have a more hands-off experience– making WP Engine an excellent choice for creating passive income WordPress websites, no matter the size. 

This feature aims to improve your website’s functionality by automatically applying security and maintenance updates– strengthening your website’s core and user’s experience by adding new options and features. You can also choose to do these updates manually, but since the automated features are very reliable, there is no reason not to delegate these tasks to WP Engine.  

Freedom for developers

WP Engine hosting offers an environment that gives developers more freedom and flexibility in using their trusted tools to create sites from scratch. It also provides freedom to work in preferred environments, such as MySQL and Hot-Swap. Plus, it also offers easy WordPress installation– enabling you to install WordPress in just one click. 

Staging and development 

WP Engine also offers environments for development, staging, and production. It is included in every plan for free. This service will allow you to modify environments without affecting the live website. It works by creating a replica of your website, allowing you to check for bugs and glitches without affecting the site’s functions and your user’s experience– basically keeping your site up and running at all times, even during maintenance. 

Excellent site performance

With its excellent site speed, scale, and security– you can expect your page to exhibit superb performance. You can track your website’s performance on the dashboard and get access to speed data for your page and all of your web pages. 

The data will include past data, enabling you to keep an eye on the improvements in real-time and track the impact of added plugins and plugin updates. 

Site analytics

Gathering data and analytics is an essential factor for optimizing any WordPress-specific site, and with WP Engine, small businesses can rely on its accurate data centers for further enhancements. 

WordPress plugins and StudioPress themes

Expect to gain access to over 50,000 WordPress Plugins. It includes some of the most popular paid plugin options, such as the Classic Editor, Yoast SEO, and some of the best WordPress themes.

Threat detection in real-time

One of its best features is its security. It features a proprietary firewall that can detect malicious traffic, protecting your website, confidential information, and users from threats that could lead to the destruction of your WordPress site. 

WP Engine is not a cheap service. However, you can choose between different packages with prices that might fit your projected budget. Paying for the higher premium will give you:

  • Unparalleled performance
  • Faster loading speeds
  • Security
  • A positive user experience

The Startup Package might not be the best option, but the Growth and Scale packages are what you want when choosing this web hosting service. These packages can handle hundreds of thousands of visitors without compromising speeds, offer a high amount of bandwidth and cloud storage, and allow you to web host multisites; up to 30 websites. 

It is perfect for people who want to upscale their business. Plus, you can also choose a custom package and select the services that will benefit your website without paying for the extra features you won’t need.

With its excellent uptime and automated services, WP Engine’s reliability and performance are truly unparalleled, exceeding all expectations. Features such as staging and development keep your site up and running even during maintenance– creating a reliable page for you and your users. 

WP Engine is not just filled with useful features, but it takes pride in performance– which is probably the most vital aspect when choosing a web hosting service. Features are essential, but any web hosting can offer the same types of features. The best thing about WP Engine is that it offers a good combination of features and performance– making it a well-rounded option for medium to large-scale e-commerce businesses.

On the topic of security, WP Engine offers the best security and real-time threat detection and other layers of protection– keeping your site safe from malicious attacks. It provides one of the most innovative security systems that blocks unknown plugins, detects malware, and automatically blocks requests that attempt to steal confidential information. 

WP Engine customers will notice the platform is a little more expensive than other platforms, like BlueHost, HostGator, or GoDaddy, but its state-of-the-art security measures and services somewhat justify WP Engine pricing.

WP Engine offers three different plans. The cheapest plan for WordPress users costs $25 per month. However, the features are still limited for their price, so you might consider the higher-tier plans that cost $49,  $95, and $249 per month– which offer a significant amount of reliability and services that are worth the price.

If you want to choose a tailor-made hosting solution for your website, WP Engine offers a custom plan that allows you to select the services you need and cut the ones you don’t to get a better price and a more optimized service.  

As with other hosting companies, you can save more money if you decide to pay for the whole year and save $60 to $580 a month, depending on the plan you choose.

Contacting WP Engine’s 24/7 customer support team is quite reliable, and they do provide you with most of the answers you will need. You can ask them to explain anything that isn’t clear to you, such as installing plugins, WordPress, SSL certificates, and more. You can tell that their team of representatives are well-trained about their products and services– giving you straightforward answers with great response times.

The only downside is that the 24/7 customer service feature is not included in their Startup Plan. However, you can still contact them through phone, or live chat support from 7 am-7 pm CST. However, it can get frustrating if you will need help in the middle of the night. 

WP Engine hosting reviews also say the company offers great tutorials on its knowledge base. Like SiteGround and InMotion, WP Engine has step-by-step instructions and screenshots to help you troubleshoot problems.

Is WPEngine owned by WordPress?

Although WPEnging is designed specifically for WordPress hosting, it is not owned by WordPress. However, it integrates with WordPress almost seamlessly, making it one of the best choices for WordPress hosting.

Because WordPress supports millions of websites, many users prefer this platform because of its one-click WordPress installation and WordPress-specific plans that make installing plugins and WordPress site editing more effortless. The high-end plans are the best choice if the number of visitors to your site is rapidly increasing.

Does WPEngine offer cloud-based or dedicated web hosting?

One would think that WPEngine only offers WordPress-based hosting, and that could be a disappointment to people looking for the traditional VPS, dedicated, and shared web hosting. But to be fair, it is named WPEngine, after all.

However, suppose you are looking for a reliable web hosting platform that provides excellent uptime for your WordPress sites. In that case, WPEngine will make a more than decent choice, thanks to its incredibly smooth WordPress integration.

How Does WPEngine’s Real-Time Threat Detection work?

Aside from its daily malware scans and enterprise-grade firewalls, WPEngine offers real-time threat detection that can see threats from a mole away. Because of its accuracy, it allows you to remove the threat way before it can reach your website and ruin your system.

Furthermore, in the event your website becomes hacked, WPEngine provides free hacking remediation performed by WordPress-trained security pros.

Does WPEngine come with free WordPress plugins?

WPEngine does not offer any free WordPress plugins. However, it does offer many WordPress automation features that create a better environment for WordPress site users.

For example, it automates daily backups and plugin updates. It also automatically imports login credentials for easy posting and page creation without logging in manually. However, there are some missing features like email services and domain names, which could have made WPEngine a more comprehensive option.